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CTP OTS is a catch-phrase for conspirathists

Date:   6/15/2006 7:57:28 PM ( 15 y ago)

Create the Problem , Offer the Solution

You may have seen this little catch-phrase somewhere before - it is the greeting that says "I am aware of the tactics used on us"

It has become a favorite quotation of people who protest "the corporate/government conspirings, the goal of which is to control the consumer and dominate all political and economic activity worldwide".

It is used everywhere - we have heard of firefighters who set fires, so they can get the rush of saving people. A classic example, but we didn't dream that we would ever hear of such a thing happening, we trust our firefifhters [rightfuly so, in most cases].

There are more startling examples though - like where the medical industry creates disease to drum up more business. A recent example of this is the bird flu scares selling Tamiflu [Rumsfeld profitted bigtime on Tamiflu], and vaccine contracts History is rife with examples too, but note that illness is created for other reasons also, like biowarfare, when natives were given blankets with smallpox [to wipe the natives out] as 'just a problem', a solution to some other problem.

Dentists that hand out cookies are one thing, but they go so far as to needlessly drill the enamel of children to create lifetime clients with lots of needs. This has been stopped in England with laws that say no drilling until after age 12... where not one child has been harmed by 'not filling that cavity' - those cavities don't need to be drilled out,it was all a farce. This practise was very common in the 1960's and 70's amongst children of professionals with dental plans.

On the lighter side, do you remember the Frizzies? That is hair that has a lot of split ends that stick out. It was most noticeable after washing our hair. There was only one way to civilise it - CONDITIONER - Yea!! - hurray for conditioner!!! Without it, we would have split ends all the time, all our lives.
"Create the Frizzies, Offer them Conditioner" - As it turns out, it was the shampoos , made by the same group of companies, that produced the frizzies, and they created the advertising themes to go with it. The harsh petrochemicals in their shampoos causes the oils in our hair to dissolve completely, something that had never happened in all of human history until we started using petrochemicals wherever possible. Sure, people had bad hair days, and split ends, but not like that. Now, 30 and 40 years down the road, its not as bad, and more people are carefull to choose products without toxic and harsh petrochemicals in them.

Diet, weight gain...
diet pills, diet fads, diet foods, dietary fibre, die from eating too much addictive fattening foods that also create hunger pangs, plus associated flowing of the gastric juices from exposure to advertising symbols seen at every corner, everywhere we might look. I don't need to spell this one out, do I? Several groups are in on this one - from pill makers and doctors to the processed food industry and even farmers and farm chemicals that produce the high-carb foods. They don't all benefit and they don't all realise it, but they are all part of someone's plan to fatten us up so we will seek help and be miserable/disabled.

Conspirathists are people who are aware of the conspiring all around us, and they like to speak about it so others will know of it also. Its not a real word, but everyone knows what it means, so I like it.

I have to stop here for now, my 'chronic fatigue' is all over me, it hits hard and almost suddenly, but I would love to compile a long list of all the known examples of CTP OTS. Its nice when they can be simplified, like the firefighters example, but not all of them are simple.



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