GWD - Global Warming Denial: a threat to us all by Karlin .....

global warming denial is an industry funded by Exxon and other Fossil Fools. They are a threat to us all.

Date:   5/29/2006 4:03:34 PM ( 15 y ago)

Ignoring a problem is one way to ensure it will harm us, and will likely be repeated too.

Denying a problem exists is even more dangerous. In this case, we are facing a global climate upheaval that will harm us in many and various ways.

Global Warming is fueled by CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels, but "The Competitive Enterprise Institute" is running TV ads that says:
"Environmentalists say CO2 is a poisen, WE say it is LIFE"

Wow. Pure bulltweet!

Another quote about the CEI GWD TV Ads:
"Recently, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) initiated a national television campaign claiming, among other things, that global warming is not causing ice sheets to shrink. Curt Davis, director of the Center for Geospatial Intelligence at the University of Missouri-Columbia, says CEI is misrepresenting his previous research to back their claims. “These television ads are a deliberate effort to confuse and mislead the public about the global warming debate,” Davis said. “They are selectively using only parts of my previous research to support their claims.” "

link to this:


PM Harper of Canada was the target of a newspaper letter, published on a FULL PAGE of the daily newsrag.

link -

quote from link:
"In early April, the Financial Post published a letter addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and signed by 60 "accredited experts in climate and related scientific disciplines," as they describe themselves. They want Harper to begin a debate on the Kyoto Protocol.

Begin a debate? What do they think has been happening since 1988, when US National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientist James Hansen testified before the US Congress that he was "99 percent certain that global warming was here." "
- end quote -


This loose association of Global Warming Denial lobbyists is primarily funded by Exxon. Here is a link to the various GWD groups and their funding:

Organization - Acton Institute for the Study of Religious Liberty
Funding - $155,000
Hot Air - Calls CO2 caps "a misguided attempt to solve a problem that may not even exist."

Even the USA Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has been giving radio interviews and getting their message out that GW is not real or a threat or have anything to do with fossil fuels if it is.

Americans need to ask why Senators are doing this work of the oil companies instead of making them responsible for the emission from their products!!

This article examines their stance, with this comment:
First they denied the climate was changing. Then they denied that climate change is man-made. Now Inhofe and Co. are prepping the next stage: acknowledge it’s happening, even acknowledge it’s man-made problem, but deny that there is anything we can do about it. It’s a convenient just-keep-attacking-the-science strategy, as long as you can wait the populace out.


And so on.... you have allready turned the page or you are onside with GW is a problem and deniers are just being greedy corporate humps.

These are all recent attacks on the science of global climate change. It is partly in response to the Al Gore movie just released to huge acclaim at the Cannes film fest, and partly over the new found public voice over climate change - it seems most people want to do something now to reduce emission from fossil fuels.

Global Warming Deniers are dangerous and evil - am I going too far in saying they are on the scale of holocaust deniers, and they should be prosecuted as such? The deaths and suffering will be just as bad, plus there is the long-term consequences for the Biosphere Earth. And the fact that it is all optional [emissions reductions].

And there is the hypocracy of religions in GWD also: If god made it this way and we ruinded it, that cannot be considered honourable to god. I mention this because most GWD-ers are religious, and have used their "faith" to garner support for their GWD platforms and getting elected.

If not proesecuted right now for this crime, GWDers should at least held LIABLE , and the oil corporations that fund them should be forced to ante up for reparations in the future , if and when damages and lives lost from global warming climate changes.

how about just asking the GWDers to pu their money where their mouth is, if they are so sure that is it nothing to worry about?
- If GW is found to be the cause of future damages, the Deniers will pay for the cleanup and repairs. Get anyone who denys that GW is real and caused by humans burning fossil fuels to sign an agreement that they will pay of they are wrong.

Sure, its silly. So do it if there won't be anything to it.

- a would-be saviour of the planet's stable climate.


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