Mother's Day - originally was anti-war!! by Karlin .....

Mother's Day was meant to honour mothers who lost sons to war.

Date:   5/23/2006 11:09:14 AM ( 15 y ago)

Mother's Day originated when a American Civil War mother, who had lost a son in the fighting, wanted to acknow;ledge the pain of all the mothers who had lost sons in war.

Details are not important. What is important is to see that the present commercalised verson of Mother's Day is, well, just that, commercialised. The intent has been lost, like with so many good intentions, it was lost to greed and corporate control of our lives.

Mother's who lose sons to war have a very special pain. That society would honour that pain, that we would put our collective arm around all mother's and tell them we will try to feel their pain for a day, would make Mother's Day the most important "holiday" of them all. It would be a beautiful thing, it would be healing, it would allow some mother's to go on living if they could just put their pain and loss away from a year until Mother's day.

But we don't. We don't acknowledge this special pain of bereaved mothers. WE are choosing to let them wallow in this immense pain all alone, without the rest of society being there for them after making this sacrfice. It is as if society is saying to these mothers: "just let us use your son's life for a few battles, then go on like it is ok, its easier for us if we don't think about it".

Mothers who lost sons think about it. They cannot think of much else for the first few years. They only continue to live out of duty to other kids or their husbands, but they feel like dying, they feel dead.

Can't we give them this one day for all that pain?
Answer: - "No, we sell a lot of flowers on this day, and cards too. People spend a lot on mothers day phone calls, more than any other day and it will be lost if we don't do it this way".

In other words, that revenue would be lost if Mother's Day was a "downer", so keep it all upbeat and that revenue will flow flow flow. If we honoured this loss to mother's on mother's day, it would change the feel of it, there would not be so much spending.

And thats a reflection on this society. This reflection is clear enough to ME, and together with other evidence, it shows that our existence is based on lies and dis-honourable goals. Its all bulltweet, I refuse to participate until we are back on moral ground.

This is an amoral society, from the top down. Erasing the original message of Mother's Day is strong evidence of that, and proof is that it was commercialised instead.


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