Living a Toxin-Reduced Routine by Karlin .....

Toxins cause 89% of cancers, but there is no effort being made to reduce people's exposures to them. For Shame!!

Date:   4/12/2006 1:37:21 PM ( 15 y ago)

Getting into a routine of daily living that will reduce my "total load" of toxins and pathogens, will also reduce my chances of getting a cancer or other maladies.

Soaps and shampoos are important to be toxin free because they are on our skin, which absorbs and gets rid of a lot more than we realise. I found natural sourced products, some in bulk that I can re-use my containers for, that LABEL the ingredients fully.

Any product without a complete list of contents is banned from my life. They could, but they don't label it, just ask yourself why they don't... And why you would not choose a similiar product with contents disclosed. Eventually, they would HAVE to label or not sell anything, if only other people did it like I do.

"If only other people did it like I do" - isn't that concieted and self-agrandising? I am usually so much the opposite, not a braggard, but on this I feel very smug, knowing I am right. And in other areas too - "if only people did like I do", there would be no new cars with emissions like we have now - nobody would have bought them for 20 years!!

Ok, so back to the routine... After a shower, I spray my armpits with CS - colloidal silver - as a deodorant! It keeps me smelling good for 2 days [when I didn't get a shower]. Also, for scalp itch it works great.

Then I dress myself in non-synthetic fabrics. "Poly" is petrochemicals, made from natural gas by-products. Avoid!! Cotton seems to be the way to go, but even that often has fire retardants and petsicides left over from the cotton crops - wash them out before the first wearing.

Wash! Laundry is typically one of the worst for toxins. Avoid the un-necessary smells [scented fabric softner, for eg.] for sure, they are bad for you and subject others against their will to toxins. Bad for your Karma.
I use baking soda, with some 35% H2O2, and a bit of the natural detergent in the bulk bin at the health food store... it is more expensive, buyt I use about half of what they suggest and with the added H2O2 and soda, I still get some suds.

"Suds" mean you used too much, so just aim for barely any suds surviving during the wash cycle to decide the amount of detergent you will use next time. Most people use two or three times as much laundry detergent[and shampoo!]as needed, which doesn't rinse out of the clothes well then either, a waste a cost and a source of toxins!!

go for the food now - avoid cans, poackages and processing!! Preservatives, Pesticides and Problems with food from large corporations. Get local, get organic, and get into "whole foods". No Pop no chips no candy and find ways to replace sugar with HONEY - the only sweetner that is good for your bowels and digestion.
This could become a long discussion, but I will leave it at that.

I think I will have to come back and finish this later.
Sorry, I get tired easily at times. My toxin free life did not erase all my health problems of course, and I know some will use my condition against my testimony about toxins, but its not related.
I want to do an inventory of toxin exposures and compare to my old ways, and compared to the standard American Dream lifestyle.


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