"What God Wants, God Gets" by Karlin .....

"Everything that happens is because god wants it to happen" is a belief of pure folly, yet it has been given more air time by mass media recently

Date:   3/9/2006 12:26:12 PM ( 15 y ago)

"God would not allow anything to happen that he didn't want to happen."

"Nothing happens that god didn't intend to happen."

"Everything that happens is because god wants it to happen."

K - something like that. I have not heard this "religious factoid" for about 40 years, but like other religious doctrine, it is gaining popularity, or at least more air time {I suspect the latter will beget the former...

Somewhere in there is the idea that "everything that happens happens because god wants it so".

First off, I need to say that it doesn't make any real logical or philosophical sense - it becomes circular logic, a folly for the feeble minded. Also, it implies that we do not have free will, and that our choices are not ours or they have no consequence: whats the point in humans having intelligence if thats the case?

HAving people believe that statement could not be more convientient for someone who wants to control people, to get them to accept all that goes on.

Therefore, a big over-arching statement like "God Wants it So" carries this risk of abuse, and so the people using it must be trustworthy [eg. not pedophiles]. Unless... oh ya! god intended this, so it is okay then. Go butt-ravage those youngsters cuz if it happens, god intended it.

And of course, it is ok that whatever is happening, even if it is due to our choices and our decisions, is "What God Wants", and so all the good people accept torture, global warming, cancers for everyone, and unnecessary brutal wars and genocides.

But it is happening this way. These staements and sentiments are coming out from every corner of the media now. It has "emboldened" some people, and they are taking these messages thru individuals to the public too. Maybe god intended it. They can allways circle that back at me. These religious ideas cannot be shelved, just like god cannot be proven to "not exist".

I see more media coverage of all things religious [other than Islam of course, ya hypocrites!!] There is no way that the media has simply responded to a public's wish for more religion on TV - It isn't so, there are more non-religious that there are religious. This is very important to remember now - the #s of religious people has been dropping steadily for 50 years. Only Athiesm and Islam have gained numbers.

So it is driven by a moniroty population with an agenda to set upon the world. They are saying "Majority wishes be damned, they are all wrong". Right, this is the Right. They believe they are right and we are wrong, so they left us out. Thats why we are called the left. Left out is more like it.

We don't like it. We are the majority. Democracy and Religion are mutually exclusive if the practises so far are any indication. We are seeing a withering of Democracy in favour of religious doctrines being implemented in advance of a prophetic apocalypse that they are trying to make happen.

??? - Why would they need to MAKE it happen - if they belived their own words, they would be secure in the belief that it WILL happen without any help, god is a big boy and he can handle it.


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