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Whew, glad the wedding is over!

Date:   10/2/2005 9:54:50 AM ( 18 y ago)

Well, yesterday was the wedding. It was day 6. Its now day 7. I just didn't feel like writing yesterday. I did well most of the day. Went for a run and did some grocery shopping....for lemons...what else!! I also found some cayenne capsules, but I won't take them til after the cleanse and will stick with putting it directly in my drink. The bottle says to take them with food and I don't want to feel ill if I put them in my relatively empty stomach.

The wedding went well although my stomach did let out one really big growl during the ceremony! LOL! Not sure if anyone heard it or not. Oh well. After the ceremony I went to the car where I had premade a lemonade for me to drink before the reception, which I then did. At the reception we had to wait forever for the bride and groom to show up (after all the picture taking) and my head started to ache as they came around with appetizers and wine and I repeated had to decline. Needless to say, I had to get out of there. So, eventually we came home and I had a lemonade and went to bed. Man-o-man did I have food dreams!!! I dreamt of pastries and chocolates and on and on! Kinda funny really. I try to tell myself that I ate those things and am now satisfied. Hey, for all I know that IS reality and THIS is the dream! Right?

Today, day 7, I am still on track. Headache gone and it is another beautiful day. Gonna get out there and shop for some pillow inserts for these really cool pillows I bought with this whole new bedroom ensemble. I'm going for an Arabian Nights look and I can't wait to paint the room too! Well, off to it. Only 3 more days to fulfill my commitment, but who knows, I may go longer...at that point it will definitely be on a day by day basis.

Other items to report: I am 7lbs lighter. Tongue is still white, but I'm starting to think its always kinda white like this...who knows, I still feel this cleanse is doing a world of good. Bathroom: not much coming out of me...can't find the grey celtic sea salt that MissW recommended so I continue with the SM tea twice a day. I was not great about my water intake yesterday, so I better step that up today! Energy is still great! All for now.


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