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My story introduction to my long trek down the full body cleanse

Date:   9/19/2005 1:38:22 PM ( 16 y ago)

Here's a little background. I am 25, married, and morbidly obese (325 lbs). All the women in my family are morbidly obese. My mother combatted this with invasive gastric surgery. I did not want to do such a horrible procedure where they actually have to stop your heart in order to perform said procedure. My mother, had it not been for my aunt being a nurse at her side, would have died in that hospital due to goof-ups, incorrect procedure, and not being able to find my mother's vein for much needed hydration. That fate scared me, but not enough to change my eating/drinking/exercise routine. happened....

July 2005, I sat in my own home at 24 thinking I was having a heart attack. Thoughts of "Dead of a heart attack at 24" echoed through my head. My husband drove me to the emergency room. Luckily, my heart was in ship-shape gallbladder was ready to scream, though. The nurses all told me that I would have to have it out (Heck, at that point, I would have taken it out with vaseline and a butter knife if they had let me). The doctor ordered an ultrasound (which I now know is NOT the best way to determine gallstones) and put me on a low-fat diet until I "could have it taken out." Going from 100-150 grams of fat/day to 40 g of fat/day was devastating, but I still could have my Pepsi. *rolls her eyes at her own addiction to the drink*

So, a lady at church told me I should look into a gallbladder cleanse, which lead me here to Cure Zone. I looked and looked and determined (since I am plagued with horrible migraines that are disabling) that I needed to go on an elimination diet FIRST to "smoke out" (so to speak) the problem foods causing such horrible health (migraines, lack of energy, etc.) Then onto the parasite cleanse (which I am scared of) then the kidney cleanse (no good news there either for a newbie trying this for the first time *laugh*) and then the liver/gallbladder cleanse *REALLY scary process for someone trying it for the first time*. So here I am starting 09/19/05 on this long process to save my gallbladder, because I don't believe that accessory organs are just that....I believe God gave us every organ for a purpose. To my shock, taking the gallbladder out DOESN'T CURE THE PROBLEM--just the pain. Having it out just caters to a high-fat, high cholesterol lifestyle without the consequences of radiating pain...until the heart attack. A holding room for pending death so to speak.

But after this, hopefully there will be no more thoughts of "Dead at 25 of a massive heart attack" but rather "Died after a long fruitful life of fun, love, and happiness of old age." So, here we begin...


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