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Summary of Al-fatihah God willing:

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The Summary of Al-Fatihah

The honorable Surah Al-Fatihah contains seven Ayat [verses] including the praise and thanks of Allah, glorifying Him and praising Him by mentioning His most Beautiful Names and most high Attributes. It also mentions the Hereafter, which is the Day of Resurrection, and directs Allah's servants to ask of Him, invoking Him and declaring that all power and strength comes from Him.

 It also calls to the sincerity of the worship of Allah alone, singling Him out in His divinity, believing in His perfection, being free from the need of any partners, having no rivals nor equals. Al-Fatihah directs the believers to invoke Allah to guide them to the straight path, which is the true religion, and to help them remain on that path in this life, and to pass over the actual Sirat (bridge over hell that everyone must pass over) on the Day of Judgment. On that Day, the believers will be directed to the gardens of comfort in the company of the Prophets, the truthful ones,  and the righteous.

 Al-Fatihah also encourages performing good deeds, so that the believers will be in the company of the good-doers on the Day of Resurrection. The Surah also warns against following the paths of misguidance, so that one does not end up being gathered with those who indulge in sin, on the Day of Resurrection, including those who have earned the anger and those who were led astray.

Chapter one of the Holy Quran, Al Fatihah ( The Opening )

1.In the Name of God , the most Merciful, the Most Gracious

2.All Praise is due to the Lord of the Worlds (and all that exists).

3.Most Gracious, Most Merciful

4.Master of the Day of Judgment

5.Thee do we Worship, and Thine Aid do we seek

6.Show us the Straight Way

7.The Way of those of whom Thou has bestowed Thy Grace, those whos (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray.



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