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Date:   8/22/2005 2:54:09 PM ( 18 y ago)

Feng Shui sensual empowerment coach meets Leslie the Enchanted Gardner. No surprise that this Goddess and this Enchanted Gardener had much to exchange.: poetry, matching pilosophies regarding love, men and women, and their roles in relaionship.
Leslie created an amazing space evocatively flled with exotic scents and texures, beckoning all to come in and experience for themselves what I can only describe as heaven on Earth. Leslie invited me to lay upon his silk cushions, while he covered my eyes with a luxuriousl towel, and held delightfully scented herbs in front of my nose, as I uninhibitively surrendered to the total sensulaity of his garden, I felt a safeness to be totally in my feminine, receiving self, knowing that Leslie was generously giving to me for both his own pleasure as well as mine. Leslie read to me the most beautiful poems that touched my very soul. (they were his famous Seven Love Cures). We were soulmates- Leslie and I. We both share a love of this mother earth and a deep desire to heal all of the lovers on this mother earth.

Ironically, all of this experience took place in an otherwize generic space called the Hilton Hotel Lobby, in San Diego. But, of course, with Leslie's mastery of space and time, not to mention the magic taking place through the energies of the Feng Shui conference, this was an experience I will always remember.

I was delightfully surprised this moring, when my favorite Enchanted gardner Leslie called me to say hi, and invited me to join all of you here in the cure zone.

I'm here to share my goddess self with you, and invite you to respond and ask me questions regarding relationships, connecting with your masculine and feminine energies, and , of course, creating beauty from the inside out, I've been involved with the study of Feng Shui for many years, and hold a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psycholgy. For me, it's all about giving one's self permission to be the best that they can be, and to create beauty for themselves and our precious environment,

Love and Lusciousness in all that is,
Your Goddess


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