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time for learning is over, time for doing Friend archetype

Date:   4/19/2006 3:40:17 PM ( 17 y ago)

In the 7th house of Marriage and Relationships I have the companion/friend archetype. This one seems easy to me. I married the person who is a good good friend and its that friendship that sustains the relationship thru many difficulties. I am a companion to DH in many ways. I listen to his stories and stick by him and gorgive him and sometimes passion comes and goes but to me the friendship is always there.

Now, on to more serious things. The time for learning is over and the time for doing is here and the real life test for all the learning is here. My turn is here. That turn that I have known is coming, been preparing for. DS18 body has been getting sicker during these last few months and now that we have taken the steps to do a blood test and visit some doctors we realize its very serious and not easily fixed. Not something money can fix - so its a problem.

Now its my turn to practice and live the ideas and theories and information I have been learning for my lifetime. I guess I would say this is the most challenging personal experience during my turn on earth. Here's what I believe to be true:
1. I am not in charge of the direction that the medical decisions take. The Master Healer is. I requested that He be head Physician in this case. My job is to keep him informed of problems and successes and listen for guidance and just do.

2. If I start doing and acting with the trust that the Master Healer is in charge, then the right people, the right remedies, the right timing, the right events, the right conditions will all appear at the perfect time. Its okay to look for help but that its not going to be a difficult or impossible thing to find all the right people and remedies.

3. When I am worrying, stressing, second-guessing, speaking negatively, talking too much about the situation, not taking care of myself, feeling sorry for myself, I show thru my actions that I do not trust the Master Healer or really believe that he is in charge. So do I believe or not?

4) There have been countless examples all thru my life when we find the right car, we are protected in situations, I find a lost item, little miracles occur that make life more comfortable. These are little little things that God and his angels have been there for us. Its ridiculous to think that God and his angels would not be here in force when its a big thing.

5) Other people judge and plant fear and worry because of their own lack of faith and I don't have to take that fear upon myself. I can forgive them for their judgements because I know they are doing the best they can, and so am I.

6) I have been learning about food, nutrition, healthly lifestyles, natural medicine, energy medicine, faith in God during trials, gratitude in every situation, listening to my intuition and the still small voice, .....and on and on for my entire life. Do I believe these things or not? If I just act as if I believe, then my internal world is still anxiety ridden, and I am double minded, and its harder for the blessings to be manifest when I am double minded. Do I believe or don't I?

7) Faith means that if I believe - I behave and feel that way inside. Now because I am human and not perfect at that faith yet then sometimes I doubt and sometimes I feel anxiety but that's when I have to take captive the thoughts and return them to trusting and faith. The moments of faith are more than the moments of fear.

That's enough for now.


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