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eft - detaching from outcome

Date:   4/12/2006 11:26:25 PM ( 17 y ago)

I need to get these archetype descriptions finished up!
In the 6th house of Occupation and Health I have the Mother archetype.
And that would be my occutation for 30 years or so. I'm not sure
what it means about Health.

This has been the 3-6 months of DS17 being so sick and getting worse as the
weeks go by. I have been learning about intution and the energy centers
and their relation to illness. DS is having trouble in the 3rd and 5th
chakras - the centers of power. He is a very very powerful and intense
personality and so he is learning about the balance of personal power
and giving away his power and he has power to make himself physically
ill. And he must learn many of the lessons in those energy centers
if he wants to heal totally.

I have been learning that those places in your body where you attract tension or
illness become your intuitive guide to when somethings not right in your life.
So for Alex it will probably be those to power centers and he will learn to
listen to the message of his body.

There might be more involved - heavy chemicals not being about to be flushed out
but if all was flowing well in those centers then maybe his body would have
done fine in handling the toxins. So I do believe the emotions played a big
part. Now forgiveness has got to happen inside. And I can't do that.

We fasted for him to strengthen his faith on this fast sunday and then there were 2 people at church who commented that he really looked terrible and SR gave some of her very experienced advice on these matters so I had alot to think about that next day. I felt very unsettled and like a heavy weight and butterflies and an upset stomach all day. Maybe this is my place of intuition and I was getting a strong message that something more needed to be done and today was the day to do it.

I made some more appointments and started looking in some other directions just kind of throwing darts in the dark. And yet that method is not necessarily a bad thing - its kind of relying on God to work out the details if I just start doing something. I finally had a long very enlightening discussion with DS in the evening where we uncovered these power/control emotions and then the upset stomach faded away. The puzzle had been solved.

My brain was spinning and still very engaged tho when it was time to go to sleep. I got up and read some and then tapped several rounds that I must release any attachment to the outcome of all the doctor visits and tests. All is as it should be and God is in control and DS is learning important lessons and I must not thwart the educational process. I must be there to support and encourage and pray and be a mirror and lightbulb and gopher and be along side him as he experiences this but I must be detatched from the outcome. This frees my emotions so I can be centered and on task. Emotional freedom technique - yup. I did some gentle yoga and went to bed. Sleeping was not problem after that.

During all these visits it will be important to tap away axiety and fear and frustration and timidity when working with medical staff.


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