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tapping for headache, magical child archetype

Date:   2/26/2006 8:15:07 PM ( 17 y ago)

In the second house which is life values is the archetype of the Magical Child. I find this fits perfect because I did have a magical wonderful childhood and that is where I learned all of my life values. I always felt obedient to my religious upbringing and it brought joy and happiness and it still does.

DD10 was feeling increasingly sick today and threw up and had a bad headache all afternoon. In the early evening I did some tapping. It took a few rounds before there was any change at all and I just kept it up and stayed on one point until she could describe whether it was helpful or not. Gamut point and collar bone point were two very effect points if I kept up the tapping. After working for about 10 minutes, she felt like she wanted to fall asleep and the headache had changed enough that she could. After a little bit she awoke and headache was much better. I found a homeopathic remedy that tested well - Kali Bichromium.


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