Vice versa. by hopelessminx .....

Heaven or hell, Where do we go when we die? Eternal fire, or the streets of gold. Only god knows. Vice versa.

Date:   8/14/2005 3:31:24 PM ( 16 y ago)

What if heaven was hell and vice versa. If I told you go to hell, would you tell I cursed ya? I reimbursed ya with the *cough*, so you know my fate. And pray I die, im the homie that they love to hate. Im gonna make you use your mind, God has sent a sign. And when you listen to these rhymes, homie take your time. Again, I ask, Heaven was hell and vice versa - would you start doing evil in order to nurture -- the spirit, man. Do you understand theres a war, thats raging on. And the devil got some ammo too. Dont get me wrong, but i put my trust off in the lord. Hes too corrupt. Know that God wont help me blow em up. I gives a ****. heaven was hell, and vice versa; I have no fear, I've gone witnessed too much hell right here. Lend me your ear. Here comes a bill we had to pull. For all my homiez hit the devil with a forty fo' (.44) Way back, homie. My lips would keep me from tryin to enter. Back up alone. And to deal with all this wickedness, I smoke a zone. Know im grown, but im still a baby. Its vice versa, so i guess ive been praying to save me. God, im confused. Diffused the body of all suc***s. I dont know where ima go this Christmas. Its satans birth, ima try to smoke a pound of weed; and ease the Earth. While jesus equipped with angels, and devils equipped with pot. Wont stop until they fill me. protect me devil, I think the lord is trying to kill me. Its vice versa. Heaven is the law? Why does doja keep me high? I see the lord, almighty homie, im ready to die! My reply, for any questions asked; the devil made me do it. Whos the devil, may i ask? Its so polluted, uprooted from all the stupid sh**. See me creamated, my objection to the climate. So glad i made it. Elated that they gon' go to heaven. But do they know, heaven may not be the place to go. Again I ask, heaven was hell and vice versa, the devils demon and ill be damned if i gon let em hurt ya. Follow me?


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