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Ever experience a Sequoia tree?

Date:   8/12/2005 7:34:46 PM ( 18 y ago)

Ever seen a Sequoia tree? If you have, don't you feel small compared the the awesome majesty of an organism growing over 250 feet tall? If you haven't, I would recommend taking a small detour north from San Francisco to Muir Woods. It's only about 30-45 minutes once you cross the Golden Gate (depending on the traffic and how much sightseeing you do). Muir Woods has its' own micro-climate which is extremely beneficial for the Sequoias (or Coastal Redwoods). There are other places to experience Sequoias and I'll touch on those sites in a later dialog. Also, did you know that there are 26 ways to spell Sequoia? Just a little info to throw in your kit bag...

Men come and go, but Earth abides.

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