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Leo's out there, this one's for you. Everyone else, augment your empathy to help others.

Date:   8/5/2005 6:10:51 PM ( 18 y ago)

Feeling another's pain
We are entering a new month - Av (Leo) - and before us await tremendous opportunities for more growth and fulfillment, both personally and globally. We can achieve this by being less consumed with our pain and more concerned with the pain of others. When we see other people going through a difficulty, we need to feel it as if it were our own.

This might sound simple and familiar but it is neither.

The sages explain to us that feeling another's pain is not to be done in order to be deemed good or spiritual. Paradoxically, it is taught that it should be done for selfish reasons. Every time we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, the effort we make at feeling their pain removes an illusionary curtain that separates us from them. This process mirrors our connection with the Light - the closer we come to feeling the people around us, the closer we can get to the Light.

The great 20th century Kabbalist, and founder of The Kabbalah Centre, Rav Ashlag, taught that if a person takes part in the joy and pain of the world, only then will he partake in the ultimate joy and removal of chaos from the entire world. But if we divorce ourselves from this consciousness, we are divorcing ourselves from the Light of the Creator.

In the Rosh Chodesh Leo Web Video, I have highlighted some powerful kabbalistic meditations and wisdom to assist you in making this lesson an integral part of your daily existence. Kabbalists intended for us to use these tools to inject energy into our thoughts and actions when we find it most difficult to carry out our spiritual objectives.

Watching this web video throughout the month will help you plant seeds of personal and global unity for the entire year.

Download Windows Media Player. [link for video at bottom of page]

Additionally, below is a guide to the characteristics of the sign of Leo. It will help you know how best to use the energy of Leo to draw the Light of the Creator into your life.

Guide to Leo

Assets of the Leo:

Generous, paternal, honest, natural leaders, charismatic, good conversationalists, socially adept, confident, creative, independent, handles stress and responsibility well, physically strong, attractive, goal-oriented.

Main motivation:

Gaining Respect

Negatives (and how to transform them):

Ask the Light for help to control the ego, work on being a stronger vessel for the Light and not for selfish desires

Control freak
Use strengths to help others, not dominate them

Needs to be the center of attention
Understand you are not the center of the universe - only the Light knows best. The Light is everywhere, all the time, so it’s important to listen to others.

Lacks sensitivity
Ask for help to understand the pain and needs of others. Go beyond your own desires.

Be more empathetic; try to understand others’ perspective.

Susceptible to flattery
Understand that talents are given by the Light to be used for the Light. They are not earned or deserved.

Generous (as long as they are recognized as the giver)
Give in order to help others in their spiritual path, not in order to satisfy your own ego

Lacks diplomacy
Think before speaking. Be sensitive to the other person’s feelings

Sees the whole picture but overlooks the details
Slow down and take time to see the details

How to improve relationships with a Leo:

Show respect and trust
Listen – don t contradict
Give constructive feedback - help the Leo see the impact his/her words and actions have on others
Don’t be judgmental


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