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healing the thyroid

Date:   10/29/2005 1:07:25 PM ( 16 y ago)

history - history of family both hyper thyroid (sister) and low thyroid (grandfather). for myself, i always tested at the lowest possible amounts of thyroid hormone possible - and still be called normal. then came prednisone... i took a fairly high dose for 2 months. by the end of the 2 months, my skin was incredibly dry all over, and i was very tired, and my healing process seemed to have stopped. my skin also started getting these strange swellings in it on my face, not really noticeable to anyone but myself (although of course i 'made' my husband look at it very closely! and he could see it when he got close up). i went looking through books of skin disorders to see what my problem was - i looked at scleroderma pictures, i thought my skin was thickening all over. i looked at eczema & psoriasis pictures, i thought maybe that. but... it took me a year to figure out that what was going on was the adult form of severe hypothyroidism - cretinism. in adults it is called myxoedema. there are 2 patterns for it, and i will post the pictures of what this looks like at another time. one form of myxoedema the person gets very swollen cheeks, almost swelling down the midline of the face. the other pattern gets huge purple eyelid bags, with swelling over the entire eye socket, and a swollen chin and lower face. with both forms, the pictures involved - the people didn't have any muscles at all. well i'm TRYING to build muscles so this was not good for me!

First things first - I checked out the hypothyroid forum on curezone. I bought extra virgin coconut oil. This felt very good. I went through the list of amino acids and got a hit on tyrosine. so i bought some (solaray) tyrosine, took 1 a day. i bought nutritional yeast and started taking 2 tbls a day. and also rejuvedine, which is detoxified iodine - a few drops a day. Thyroxin is made up of iodine and tyrosine. so i made sure that the thyroid had the raw ingredients. i also started taking maca root, since i've read that maca stimulates the pituitary to increase its output of tsh, which then passes the word via tsh to the thyroid to make more thyroxin. the thyroid also makes calcitonin, and since i want to have healthy bones at 90, this is important to me. I even brought coconut oil to restaurants to spread on bread instead of butter.

Next up - get Nancy & Michele (the energetic healers I work with )to check it out. Nancy's session came first. She tuned in to the thyroid - said its SO sluggish. The first time we worked, she said, "oh look, here's some metals releasing." The next few times we worked it was energetics - she'd say something like 'there's some gray energy leaving.' well 'gray energy' can be emotional energy, or physical energy, and i didn't always ask what it was.  one time i did ask, and the answer was that repressed anxiety was being released.   another time she said that there was a big release of 'acrid' stuff coming out of the thyroid, and that it was because the different things i was taking were 'doing their job.' I was still looking in the mirror alot, watching daily as my skin and face was moving more and more towards the picture of myxoedema that i had seen. nancy said to me, 'you'd better find something nice about your face, this is having an effect.' at that point i stopped looking in the mirror. i decided to trust that the thyroid is getting everything it needs, and not get caught up in result.

Every time i had a session with Nancy, i felt 'why do it.' so to me, the thyroid is the 'why bother trying' gland - this is the gland where futility it held. The feelings that came up were very strong - they stayed with me for a few hours after each session. but i knew they would pass - these feelings were just part of the healing of the gland, part of what was keeping it sick previosly. After about 2 weeks, maybe 3, i just got incredibly tired... couldn't move, couldn't walk, nothing. Nancy said this was a healing crisis of the thryoid.

This  past week, maybe at week 3 or 4, i had a session with michele - fantastic session. It was all about the thyroid... release of emotions which have held it down. Wow. Emotions of the second chakra - self loathing, resentment, many uncomfortable emotions came up. i can't remember feeling that raw, and they stayed with me for a few days. That session was all about the the second chakra and the fifth chakra, which go together. the fifth chakra is the chakra which is tied to the thyroid, and its color is blue. Each chakra has an associated gland, and an associated color. It has to do with feeling at home - finding where we resonate and speaking our truth. As far as i see it, shame, repression - all these things have to do with this chakra. After that session, my tiredness was over. My thyroid feels happy. Every time i think about it i get little shivers of happiness. if i tune in to my thyroid, i feel just happiness. i can look at myself in the mirror now. the swelling isn't gone but it sure looks better. i haven't looked and haven't asked the healers i work with whether the hormones are turning around - i feel they are. i think my thyroid is getting healed REALLY FAST.   given that it has taken me a long time to get to this (as of yet not finished yet) stage of my healing, this is a very great thing.

Usually when i post messages in this blog, i feel really good about what i have posted. this time, i feel alittle more insecure - like this is kinda dumb, what i am saying. i think this insecurity about having something worthwhile to say is part of the stuff that is coming up and out. the thyroid gland is all about true voice, and willingness to express & speak & hold it.

One thing i've learned from this is that when an endocrine gland goes south, there's a corresponding emotional hit that has occurred to the chakra that matches it. so part of bringing the endocrine gland into balance is lifting any emotional barriers to its healing. which always involves some discomfort, but is definitely worth it.  one thing i do want to say is that this whole time i've been ill, dealing with my illness, i stopped at some point doing healing sessions on myself.  i always relied on Michele and Nancy to do the healing sessions with me, and i really didn't want to try by myself.  now that i'm at this point with the thyroid, something has been freed up - and i am doing healing sessions every morning on myself.  this is a big step in the right direction.  i think  the change has occured BECAUSE of all the work that has been done on the thyroid, specifically.

Current supplements that i'm taking for the thyroid

Supplements on order that haven't arrived yet

11/27/2005 haven't been working too much on the thyroid.  did one entire healing session on my thyroid a while back, alot of futility and resentment released.  i've listened to the tape of that healing session a few times.  the thyroid looks better now, so it doesn't need as much direct attention.  i've continued taking the supplements except for tyrosine and selenium. 

i will keep writing as i keep moving on in this experience. -


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