Burnout? by annakb .....

Bored with the continual "research" time to "make hay while the sun shines."-

Date:   6/21/2005 2:06:52 PM ( 18 y ago)

I think that I have burnt myself out on the health issues. I actually have time this week to focus on some of the issues that I have been trying to resolve and yet I canít seem to think of anything important enough to focus on. Itís almost like I just want to get out and do the things I have been talking about. Actually I just want to get out of here and do SOMETHING. I donít seem to want to go home lately, I want to be out camping or hiking or swimming or anything other than going home. I want to just get away from everything and I donít want to go to work Ö I need a vacation! I will write another message when I feel like it, but right now I canít seem to sit still long enough to put more than a few sentences on a page.


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