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Just a typical day for those curious. How to integrate Beck's protocol into your routine without even thinking about it.

Date:   7/16/2005 4:33:32 PM ( 17 y ago)

I just thought I'd enter a workout log entry for those curious about my physical here's the day!

6:30-7 AM - Up out of bed. Down a cup of Colloidal Silver (I always have a quart in the bathroom). Shower, dress, feed the cat and off to breakfast appointment.

7:45 AM - 2TBS Apple Cider Vinegar (I've just added this to my daily routine).

8:00 AM - Enjoying Chai Latte while waiting for appointment. I KNOW ... they have too much sugar and too much cream. Read the local paper and discovered two more business leads...very cooool.

8:30 - 10 AM - Met with business contact. Great conversation. 5 minutes of business talk, and hour of getting to know each other. Business is about relationships...truly! Closed a $3,500 deal and a three year contract.

Breakfast was a great chicken omelette and a slice of toast. Finished chai.

10-12. Prep for next appointment. Lunch was a chicken burrito (bascially chicken, rice tomato and corn...but OOHH so good). Stopped off at the house and poured a bottle of spring water, ozonated it and out the door.

1-2 PM Told client not to spend his money on my services just yet...he wasn't ready. Worked with him instead on making sure we can generate results. He was more than appreciative.

2PM I can see! Eye doctor appointment. Same prescription. Back at the house...Downed another bout of apple cider vinegar.

3PM-5PM Job Training on the Computer. More ozonated water.

5PM-6PM My sweetheart left BBQ in the fridge. Cole Slaw and Brisket! I crashed after the potato salad. Didn't eat a lot.

6PM - 7PM: Power nap. More ozonated water upon waking.

8-10PM Gym (I'm a late in the day work out kind of guy). Took 32 oz. water to the gym that had in it half a squeezed lemon and a dropper full of peroxide (12% foodgrade). At that level you really can't taste the peroxide. (Ozonated water doesn't work for the gym because it has zero shelf life.

Gym routine:
Squat Machine (140#) / Donkey Calf Machine 200# bi-sets, 3sets x 10 reps. (6 total sets)

Leg extention (80#) / Seated Leg Curl (50#)/standing calf (100#) tri-sets, 3 sets x 10 reps (9 total sets)

Leg Press 3sets of 10 180# / vseats

Cardio: Eliptical (Startrac) Burn 500 cal. / 40 minutes.

11PM: Zapper on. Drank another glass of Colloidal Silver. Pulsed while watching Seinfeld. Out by 11:30.

3AM: Up to take a piss. Took off zapper.

And that's a wrap! Hope your day went as well!


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