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Establishing a daily zapping routine. This section describes integrating ozonated water and zapping into the daily routine.

Date:   6/7/2005 7:25:10 PM ( 16 y ago)

6PM rolls around like everyday. It's been long, I'm tired and I can't get the last client requirements out of my head. So time to loosen up a bit. I pour a bottle of spring water (I keep a water cooler in the's cheaper. The faucet filter does defeat the taste but the chlorine is still there! So I don't drink it anymore). Ozonate the bottle of water for a few while you strap on the zapper...


FIRST:I Wet the electrodes of my Sota Silver Pulser zapper with distilled water and lay them on the wrist strap (with the velcro face down). Place your wrist over the electrodes, palm down, so the electrodes ride across the pulse points. While pressing against the electrodes and the wrist strap, use the other hand to close and secure the wrist strap. Make minor adjustments. Turn the zapper on and that familer pulsing friend addresses your blood stream. Good luck to any virus or parasites that cross this chasm! They won't last.

Now it's out the door on the bike! Can't hurt to get the blood churning while zapping can it?

I've done this for over 6 months. Lately on occasion I will wear the zapper for extended periods. My wrists are almost caloused but they don't itch or breakout like they used to.


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