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the first day of my fast!!

Date:   5/21/2005 2:14:36 PM ( 18 y ago)

Hello all,
and welcome to my blog. I am planning to do a 20-25 day juice fast. I have the house to myself for a week to get me started. One of the biggest challenges is doing this while living with the parents who expect me to eat meals with them and won't understanind why i would possibly be fasting. Well why am i fasting, lets set some goals.

1) at the current moment I feel like hell. I feel like i am stuck in a sugar shack, always crashing from the sugar or craving more.

2) would like to loose some weight. Hey I'm a girl, it happens.

3) Would like to learn to eat from hunger rather than emotion. I am quite the healthy eater but tend to eat too much for mind rather than hunger.

4) Learn to re-fead myself. I think a lot of American's are used to being overfed and one of the hardest things for me is that I tend to freak out and say i'm not eating enough and need to eat more when that is not really the case.

5) I am very excited about all the health benefits. Clear skin, more energy, I have read it can help fix old injuries and i could do with a little of that.

Biggest concerns:
1) not being strong enough. Must stay on track no matter what other people tell me to do or how my mind tries to sabotage me.
2) sleeping. I did a short juice fast before and had a difficult time sleeping. I hope i won't this time.

I am exctied about this blog and hope it will help me stay on track. I will also need to figure out how i will be eating after i finish this to make sure i don't end up feeling so bad again. I already started today and have had lemonaide. Lets see how it goes!! Lord give me the strength!


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