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Maybe 2 cups of olive oil is too much for a beginner.

Date:   1/31/2006 10:23:26 PM ( 17 y ago)

I'd originally planned my Liver Flush to end the fast after Day 5, but was so bored after three days of fasting and thinking about food that I decided to go ahead with it last night. I used the recipe from the book Are You Stoned, summarized here on, which calls for two cups of virgin olive oil. It seemed like a low maintenance recipe because where I live, it's not easy to find new age healthfood stores with all the herbs and oils detailed in the other recipes.

Since I have trouble sleeping at night, I began at 10 p.m., drinking the extra virgin olive oil in 1/4 cup doses every 15 minutes, followed by 1-2 tbsps of fresh squeezed lemon juice and chased with a taste of maple syrup (organic, grade B). I finished about quarter to midnight and stayed laying down, reading. I didn't sleep, as has been the problem the last few days, and around around 2 a.m., the mild headache started. By 4 a.m. I had mild waves of nausea, and sometime before 5 a.m. I puked what looked like much more than two cups of olive oil. I felt better after throwing up, and went to sleep for a few hours.

Now it is noon and I still haven't had a bowel movement. I've posted my questions at the Liver Flush support forum.


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