No junk food for one week: PIMPLES! by #25671 .....

Still not smoking, sleeping pills cut back, and ready to cut out meat and alcohol. My fast begins one week from now.

Date:   1/21/2006 7:29:37 AM ( 17 y ago)

According to my 6-week plan (see prior post) I've cut out junk food (sugar, colas, caffeine, ice cream, pizza, etc.) but remain constipated. The last two days I've even been blessed with pimples!

Today, I begin cutting out meat (except fish) and alcohol.

I still haven't smoked, not once, for 21 days.

My sleeping pills are down to half of ONE pill a night. I plan to quit them during my five-day fast next week.

*The difficult part now is trying to have a social life while taking care of myself. Already tonight I opted to stay home from a BBQ, since meat and alcohol will be the main attraction and I dont' want to deal with people shoving it in my face or asking me why I'm being a "party pooper." I've only been able to share this with a few friends. Most other people don't understand why I have to do this.


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