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there are some events in life containing a deepness beyond mere words and this is one of them

Date:   5/4/2006 5:43:23 PM ( 16 y ago)

Many months ago I wrote excitedly yet briefly about my first experience ever with a spiritual healer who was in town here for 4 days providing healing sessions for people who who had an interest.

Last night I received a phone call from the woman who hosts the spiritual healer when he travels through this region...and he'll be here on the 3rd weekend in May. I spoke with her about the possibility of volunteering in exchange for healing sessions and she was very open to that, which is way cool! My volunteer job will be challenging but it's a positive challenge so we'll see how it goes.

Rev. Dr. Gregorio is his name. The spiritual healer. He's actually personally quite humble, making no particular claims about the work he does, but rather speaking about life on a spiritual path.

There's a place with some questions and answers on his web page, which I'm posting here for your information:


Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Why is more than one session suggested?"

A. One session is beneficial and for some is all that is needed. But for most, two sessions commonly complete the healing process for that time, clearing the detoxifying residue and integrating on deeper levels. Also, others need more than one session depending on the length of time they've had a condition and the number of conditions they need assistance with." Healing is like peeling the layers of an onion. One layer is peeled off only to reveal another layer. Life is a process and healing is a process. By going to the deeper core, we make more rapid progress.

Q. "Why does my friend feel great after their healing and I feel worse?"

A. " Everyone is different and will utilize the healing energies differently depending on what the intelligence of the body determines that it needs. Natural healing is not always a 'feel good' process. Symptoms do not always go away immediately with natural healing and may even be accentuated as healing is occurring. It is not uncommon for a slight elevated temperature afterwards as the body is cleansing or for pain to increase. Some report feeling lighter and relieved immediately following the healing only to feel run over by a 'Mac truck' the next day with aches and pains in new areas. Often this is because the body is healing itself so fast that the cells and tissues cannot handle it without pain. It is also common to fear that a 2nd session will make one feel worse. Rather, the 2nd session clears out the psychic debris that has been stirred up and takes the healing to a deeper level of integration. It is like the dust stirred up when sweeping a room, but in reality the dirt is on its way out. With the 2nd session this is not only cleared and relief given, but energy is restored, replacing the 'wiped out' feeling and people generally feel 200% better than before the healing process began."

Q. " Why is the sacred cupping sometimes uncomfortable?"

A." As mentioned earlier, the sacred cupping uses prayer and breath to call forth healing from a very deep level to unblock and release the unwanted energies in the system that prevents us from achieving optimal health. The more the energy is blocked, the more uncomfortable it can be. But, as Gregorio says, quoting a repair sign on the highway, "temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement." The discoloration of the skin and discomfort one may feel can vary depending on the magnitude of the problem associated with each individual. Brother Gregorio humorously refers to the discolorations as "American hickies" or "St. Germaine kisses". These are harmless and will fade completely in the next three to ten days. Interestingly, once cleared, the sacred cups applied to the same area will not produce any discoloration or discomfort. However, old memories of past trauma may be released as healing is occurring contributing to the feeling of imbalance and discomfort the following day. Again, the 2nd session will rebalance the system with relief given for deeper integration.

Q. "Why does Rev.Dr. Gregorio work on areas different from where I have my problem?"

A. "Rev.Dr. Gregorio works where he is guided. There may be areas that need more immediate attention or that are somehow related to or are the underlying cause of the symptoms. One must trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit as It moves through Brother Gregorio."

Q. "I see other healers and massage therapists for sessions that last over an hour. Why does Rev.Dr. Gregorio only take 20 minutes?"

A. " The frequencies of energy that Rev.Dr. Gregorio works with are very high and move very fast. The faster the energy moves the less time is needed for the same result. Many are helped more in fifteen minutes with Rev.Dr. Gregorio than hours, weeks, and months of other types of therapy."

Q. "Do I need to have something wrong with me to see Rev.Dr. Gregorio?"

A. "About half of the clients seeing Rev.Dr. Gregorio now are healers themselves desiring of a deeper cleansing and attunement of the chakras to be clearer instruments for those they serve. As their Light is amplified, they can give more Light to their clients. For other clients that are not actively doing healing work, they find that a "spiritual tune up" or "spiritual jiffy lube" keeps the energies flowing harmoniously, avoiding potential blocks of energy that may be forming which could create health problems in the future."

Q. "What religion is Rev.Dr. Gregorio affiliated with?"

A. "Although Rev.Dr. Gregorio was raised Catholic and educated by the Jesuits in a private Catholic school, his spiritual perspectives are universal and embrace the Truth of the Holy Spirit. He therefore became a minister of the Church of Tzaddi. The Church of Tzaddi is a nondenominational Christian Church chartered in the State of California in 1963 to further explore the inner mysteries of Christianity and the metaphysical understandings of life. Tzaddi is the 18Ih letter of the Hebrew alphabet which in itself is a rubric prayer that means: "Peace be unto you." "To light the Light of the Christ within." "The Divinity within doeth the work, I am only the channel."




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