Grandad goes into Overdrive by Deborah Lockett .....

Today there’s more about Grandad, whom I introduced you to in “Gift to a Great-Grandchild”.

Date:   1/17/2006 3:25:41 AM ( 15 y ago)

“Grandad” is my father-in-law, who “died” in 1987.

Grandad was born and bred in Lancashire, England. He was steeped in the local folklore and often quoted sayings. One of his favourites was “See a penny, pick it up; all that day, you’ll have good luck”.

Since Grandad died, “pennies” have become his personal language for talking to me.

The other person in today’s piece is my teenage daughter Valentina. In October, she went to the doctor complaining of vomiting. The doctor told her that before he could prescribe her medicine he needed to have a pregnancy test done; that came out positive.

Since then Valentina has spent a lot of her time in bed, as she vomits so much that she even started vomiting blood.

Yesterday morning I went around Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife, looking at the January sales.

I saw a set of covers for a bed in hot pink and brilliant orange. I thought how attractive they would be for a teenage girl, and in the afternoon I went back to the shop to buy them for Valentina.

The tyre of my mountain bike ran over a 1 Euro coin in the road. I stopped and went back to pick it up. I realised this was Grandad’s contribution to Valentina’s new bed set. It’s the first time he’s ever left me any coin more valuable than copper. I chuckled to Grandad that this time he’d gone into “overdrive”.

Farther on, my bike ran over another coin, this time a 1 cent, which is a copper coin. I stopped again to pick it up. This second coin was Grandad’s “confirmation”. Sometimes he leaves me 2 coins, one after the other, just so I know the first one was left by him, and wasn’t a coincidence.

As I cycled home with the bed set on the back rack of my bike, I thought to myself, there are 2 possible explanations for these coins.

One is that the people of Santa Cruz are in the habit of throwing money into the street.

The other is that Grandad has a special bond with his granddaughter and likes to show his love, even though he never knew her on Earth because he died before she was born.


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