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Personal Testimonies #193 - 202

January 31, 1989
I wish to express my eternal gratitude with all of my heart to Jesus and Our Blessed Virgin Mary, for having cured me of diabetes. Thank you so much, dear Blessed Mother, thank you for the miracle received.
My cure:

For several months, I had been suffering for diabetes. My brother Rafael, brought me a petal blessed by Jesus and Mary, and I have had it with me ever since.
When I went for consultation to the doctor's, he smelled a strong aroma of fresh roses, and after smelling it several times, he told me: The result of this exam is a miracle, you are well, but it is necessary to continue having blood exams every so often, to prove that you are totally cured.
After several months I had the last exam taken. I feel perfectly well and, as proof, I am sending the result of the last exam, which proves that I am totally cured.


from Guatemala, Guatemala


June 16, 1989
Dear Veronica,
I have given out the Rosaries, the Scapulars, medals and rose petals that you sent me. The were received by all with much gratitude. I have told them that anyone who receives a favor from Heaven through this means, to please make it known to me so that I can inform you of it. Nobody has come forth yet but I think they are doing much good. I have had photocopies made of the sheets that you sent me and I have given them out in several towns. I have also read two volumes of Our Lady of the Roses and I am translating as much as I can. I have taken them to the Archbishop and the priests that I can reach.
The darkness is profound. They are receiving Communion in the hand, but only those that want it that way. One can tell that the Church--the clergy--is the most attacked by this darkness. My Community in Milwaukee, the priest gives (Communion) in the hand and permits the sisters to cooperate in this. I inform you of this so that you will keep my collaborators in your prayers. May my Community return to the habit and to the spirit of its founder.
Two of us returned to our (former) habits, and we are grateful to God that He granted us this favor. We accept all of the heavenly revelations, as through their fruit, the tree is known.
Blessed be God for His immense mercy, with which He is guiding the world once more in this crucial hour that we are undergoing.
We are able to obtain Scapulars here, but Our Lady of the Roses medals and the Saint Benedict medals are difficult. I do not know if I'll be able to go, but if God wills it, someday we shall see each other. As I have read, you are prostrate in bed as a victim for the good of humanity. Your happiness will be great. Pray for me!
For now, receive my warm greetings along wit your working force in Jesus and Mary.
Your sister,

from Comayaguela, Honduras


August 3, 1989
Dear Veronica,
I have been going to Our Lady of the Roses shrine for 9 years now, and have been blessed in so many ways. My husband had been away from the Church and the Sacraments for over 40 years. The beginning of this year he started going to Church again and for Easter He went to Confession and Communion the first in over 40 years. I thank Our Lady of the Roses, Mary help of mothers, Our Lady truely answers prayers.
God bless you Veronica.

from La Trobe, Pennsylvania


August 21, 1989
Dear Veronica Lueken,
Our Blessed Lord took me back in to the faith, just since I heard and read the messages you gave to the world from Heaven. The exact words that brought me to my knees were Our Blessed Mother; "My tears fall upon you." I've always wanted to believe She was happy, enjoying Heaven rather than mourning for us faithless ones who were fallen away and lost. I'd left the faith since 1970 - inflicted divorce on my family and believed I was right, the Church wrong and empty of all, except rites and rituals. I'm joyful in my knowledge I was wrong. Thank God, you were there for Heaven, Veronica.
Yours in Jesus and Mary,

from Miles City, Montana


August 24, 1989
Dear Madam,
Please send me another rose petal and a blessed rosary and pray for my strength in the Lord Jesus Christ, I just went back to my Church after being absent for about 11 years.
Thank you,
Yours in Christ,

from Columbus, Ohio


August 11, 1989
Dear Veronica,
One evening on July 31, 1989 my eyes were puffed and full of sand, they were sore and I could not open them. I began washing them and then pressed a blessed rose petal to them and my eyes immediately opened. I said some prayers and asked Our Blessed Mother Mary to forgive me for not believing in the Bayside apparitions before I could see. I am nearly 89 years old.
Thank you, I am convinced.

from Canton, Massachusetts


August 10, 1989
Dear Sirs,
I had and opportunity to read about Veronica Lueken's visions in the "Roses" magazine. I am wondering if I can get copies of the stories. The two articles which I read are dated May 17, 1986 and June 18, 1987.
Please send me any copies which are available, the story it tells is scary yet heartwarming. I would like to ease Our Holy Mothers tears in my own way by changing my lifestyle. I want to raise my son with these values of caring, faith, community and family.

from Saskatchewan, Canada


August 11, 1989
Dear Sir/Madam,
I was eating at the soup kitchen in Norwich when a Rev. walked up to me and gave me the rose petal Blessed by Jesus and Mary for cures and conversions at the apparition site of Our lady of the Roses in Flushing, New York. I told my husband and we been praying since that time. May the Lord praise and keep keep us safe.
God Bless,

from Norwich, Connecticut


August 21, 1989
Dear Shrine Lady,
I have a testimonial to relate... My little sister had a very bad tooth ache pain. Her name is Lauriann, she was crying to me about it all day so I gave her a scapular to put on the pain. I prayed and put the green scapular on her mouth and in about a half a minute she jumped up quite astonished and said that the Blessed Mother helped her. The pain went completely away.

from Jersey City, New Jersey


November 24, 1989
Dear Devotees of Our Lady of the Roses,
Attentively I am writing hoping that when you receive this, you will be enjoying the blessings of Our Lady. The reason for my letter is to inform you of two cures which Our Lady (has brought about). The first is:
One of my grandchildren, Diana Eliosa Ramirez Perez, 5, in September of 1988, fell down some stairs and hit her head. The x-rays showed a fracture, and the pediatrician was very worried. Then I became very anguished, and with great faith asked Our Lady of the Roses to heal her, and She performed the miracle. The next day new x-rays were taken, and the fracture appeared like a vein. My niece became well, thanks to Our Lady of the Roses.
The second cure was in September of 1989. My brother, Francisco Chavarría, suffered from terrible headaches. He had exams taken and x-rays, and the doctor informed the family that he had a tumor on the right side of his head, which was quite large, as could be seen through the x-rays. By having the tumor removed he could suffer permanent brain damage, or parts of his body would become paralyzed--legs or arms. I prayed to Our Lady of the Roses with great faith, and I placed the blessed rose petal on him. My brother felt that the pain was leaving him when I placed my hand in which I was holding the petal on him. He remained in the hospital for 12 days.
The operation was a success. The neurosurgeon was amazed when he discovered that the tumor had become a simple (blood) clot. One of my children, who is a doctor, had explained all of the damages that my brother could suffer, and he, too, was surprised to see that the tumor had become a blood clot, and he told me that it had been a miracle of Our Lady of the Roses.
My brother came out well from the operation, and now he is recuperating completely, thanks to God and Our Lady "The Virgin of the Roses."
I would like for you to please send me blessed petals of Our Lady of the Roses, and information about Her messages as given to Veronica Lueken.

from Guatemala, Guatemala


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