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Date:   4/11/2005 1:52:42 AM ( 17 y ago)

Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers
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To Our Lady of the Roses:
I was blind one night, so they took me to the hospital. They called my doctor, and he examined me, and I said, "I can’t see, doctor." Three months ago, I came to the Shrine, and I had problems with my vision--three months ago--so they took me to the hospital. They kept me there for twenty days, and I couldn’t see. You know what I saw--everything was double or I didn’t see anything. So, they examined me The doctor said to me--I do have problems. I said, "What kind of problems?" The doctor said, "Well, it will maybe take about a year, before you will be able to see. You’re not going to see." So, he gave me a year to see, he said--maybe.
So, I came to Bayside--I was blind when I came. That same night I came here, I got my vision back. I had to use a cane, because I couldn’t see. I had to walk like that, because I couldn’t see, so I came here. I talked to my son, I said, "I can see a little better." So, that same night, the Virgin Mary gave me my vision back. I see now clear--I see very well, and I am fine--thank God. I thank the Blessed Mother and I thank God for that.

from New Jersey


A lady regained sight when touched by a Rosary blessed on the Shrine grounds. Sister G. said three Hail Marys and placed the Rosary on her eyes, and she saw again!

testimony from Sister G. LaP., convent in Haiti


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