day 13 by #39542 .....


Date:   4/8/2005 7:16:24 PM ( 18 y ago)

today is day 13...already..time flies, it really does!!!
i am so happy i did it so far, even though i had some of these(not good actually..:-()sugar free weets...for a couples of days, just missing chewing, so it "helped" me but of course, not really..bahhhh, anyway, i wont have anymore, finished!!!
i feel good, still go for walks each morning, my skin is clear and beautiful, my hair i can feel are already getting stronger, i don't have looots of energy but enough to go through the day happily, and calmly...
my tong is still not clear in the morning and i do my krya yoga which helps beautifully....
everythings is beautiful..ah yes, the colours, so much brighter!!!
it is beautiful....
thanks to myself for this commitment, and happy to be alive!!!!!
may the world live in peace and and butterflies.....


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