Day 2 by #39542 .....


Date:   3/28/2005 11:40:11 PM ( 18 y ago)

so happy i'm already there, 2 days, well, this one is not yet over but this is great to be yet there...
The first 2/3/4 days are for sure the worst to go, and then, we just..can't give up, i won't i know that!!!!
That is beautiful to have this belief so strong now, in myself ,in what i'm about to achieve..
I do think one can have fasted already several times, each new one is a very new one, with its different troubles, happy moments, realisations, exchanges with the world, relation to ourselves as to others........
I am about to bring back life in each of my cells, joy in my heart as in my legs, arms, tummy, aech tiny part of myself, inside, outside, above around, my soul starting to get ready for the soon celebration dance, the dance of life and love...
ALIVE, life is NOW and there's no way, no way, NO WAY...for me ,to keep on avoiding life as i have for long enough...:-)..
Please, all of you ,take care of this precious body , this precious vehicule we do have for this life time for this is the only one, and it deserves all our respect and love..
The one writing this, myself, has become expert sometimes ,in autodestruction, aware today of this terrible way of being.


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