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Date:   3/24/2005 7:01:24 PM ( 18 y ago)

friday 25th of march,
starting officially this 21 days fast, with confidence and patience, i will achieve it, to save my life, body and soul from falling apart, falling down, dying little by little as i feel i almost did these last days, weeks...
i am alive and decided to enjoy my life at its most, even if sometimes it hurts, even if sometimes it seems too much to handle with, too long, hard, complicated....we can all make it!
The events, experiences we are facing are never too big for ourselves, they are just the ones we can handle with!
They are here, we do create them to go over them, to grow through, and we should be so happy we have these to live, to experience, our future is made of this we decide today.
Wisdom and patience we can choose, in any environnement, any place with anybody, doing any job, or studies, we can make wise choices, if we decide to.
Never giving up...


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