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24 march.

Date:   3/23/2005 11:21:39 PM ( 18 y ago)

It is right time for me to start this fast, which will be much more than just spending 21 days with no food for me.
It represents in a way soemthing that i am going to do to save my life, to save myself from dying, which one can choose so easily i'd say..
Maybe my "scorpion" side tells me that we all are possibly tempted sometimes, feeling so weak in a sense that we do not really care if we are alive or dead, feeling so..empty, so lonely, far from the beauty of life and love which we do know exists, really!
I know i've been going far this time in neglecting myself, in wasting my beautifl energy, in refusing to see myself with all the respect i deserve to be looked at with, but oooffff, this is over now!
This fast, 21 days on water and herbal teas, i am starting tomorrow, is , as i know, going to save my life, i am going to save my life.
If ones does not care about his own health and happiness, noone can do any for is so, we are the masters of our lifes and destiny, which makes it all so meaningfull, and also sometimes so..frustrating in a way..but really, at the end, it is so..perfect!
We are the only ones who can make a difference for ourselves and this is just how we need to act towards life, ourselves the way we have to , to be really responsible and happy!
I will be there tomorrow to let you know how is the first day going, doubts, fears, happy feelings.....
Lots of Love to All.


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