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Softening of stones. Bowel management

Date:   10/3/2005 11:44:03 PM ( 18 y ago)

Pre Liver Flush by Propaul (modified in 2006)

I read many questions about liver flushes. I read about so many successes of people who do them. I read of the many different protocols. But I find very little about preparations for a liver flush. I believe that the success of a liver flush depends on its PREPARATION.

From my personal experience and from reading many other reports and discussions of liver flushes I have come to believe that there are two steps in the preparation of a liver flush.

1) Softening of stones, if present
2) Bowel management

The stone softening phase is usually accomplished by taking organic apple juice with or without orthophosphoric acid. Since I cannot tolerate the sugar in the apple juice I drink organic apple cider vinegar with orthophosphoric acid, I take 4 drinks of 2oz of ACV per day for 4 days.

Modification I have done since writting this message (in italics)

During these 4 days, daily, I take a cleansing enema, followed by a pint retention coffee enema, followed by a saline solution enema. This is my combination of stone softening and bowel management. I am always amazed at the chaff and debris that I excrete after the enema. 10/24/06

There are many different ways of stone softening and bowel management. I am listing what I do. But before any liver flush is attempted, especially if one is starting to liver flush, these two steps are very necessary.

Then after the liver flush many take a dose of Epson salts (the morning after) to move out the toxins from the intestines. I don’t believe that this is sufficient. You need to take additional steps to empty your bowels for the next few days. Besides the Epson salts the morning after, I take twice a day a cleansing enema. This helps me from reabsorbing the toxins released by the liver otherwise I get headaches and nausea.

I hope this helps those who have question about liver flushes.



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