days after oxy powder by Ocean .....

a few days after oxy powder cleanse

Date:   3/21/2005 1:15:01 PM ( 17 y ago)

so i stopped the oxy-powder on the 9th day i think. for some reason my body said ENOUGH for now. so i listened.

in the last 2 days my bm's have returned...but the reason i'm writing is because yesterday there were quite weird. they were skinny and dark green/brown.

i can assure you it's nothing i've eaten. today i decided to see if things will go back to normal rather then resuming the cleanse. and lo and behold, i had a well formed normal bm this morning, but it was mixed with old pieces that looked cloudy and almost black...sorta greenish too. this was all mixed with a well formed nice brown poo.

man, i'm describing still makes me chuckle as i write...

anyway, things around me have fallen apart during this each time i bowel cleanse... my relationship is the first to go. for some reason as i cleanse, something inside me emerges and rebells, trying to shake off all the opressive baggage we accumulate in daily living. no wonder i get sick and need to's like shedding a skin.
the bowels are very closely related to burried old's true!

it's scarry till i go through the cycle and realize that this is a normal process of cleansing. it's a good spring cleaning and i will not conform to being bogged down inside or out!


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