Day 5 of Oxy-Powder by Ocean .....

Oxy Powder cleanse day 5

Date:   3/13/2005 11:16:57 AM ( 17 y ago)

good morning everyone,

day 5 is here, and last nite i must say i was almost ready to quit. instead i took 8 caps, lowered my dose rather then bringing it up to 12, and decided not to take a higher dose since i'm getting exactly the same results starting from 3 caps.

so less maybe is more? or at least it will last longer and doing things longer may produce better results...if not thorough resuts?

so no rumbling or waking up at night or early morning. allergies still here (i need to do another liver flush sometime towards the end of this cleanse), skin nice and clear tho but not much appetite. headache gone and feelings from the last two days gone. so maybe it was die off.

i almost gave up this morning when i passed a semi formed bm. i thought ok, i'm going back to solid. then a few seconds later some major rumbling and i was off to the potty for 2 more rounds of diarhea (not butt-pee tho). i looked in and became frightened at the sight of what looked like green small grape size parasites...then quickly realized i had sugar peas for dinner...along with lentils! phew! i've seen stuff like that before but it had legs. this time false alarm.

also, tiny black/dark brown specks. this is new, but i'm not gonna get my hopes worked up into thinking it's plaque. i'm starting to think i might not have any.

ok, more later!


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