Day 4 of Oxy-Powder by Ocean .....

Oxy powder cleanse day four

Date:   3/12/2005 10:37:02 AM ( 17 y ago)

i gotta say i'm getting really dissapointed with this cleanse because i'm not seeing any plaque... sorry folks...maybe others will have a better time. either way i will keep going.

i have taken 10 caps last nite and for someone who is only 110lb that should work really well. instead of producing results i've been going to the bathroom less, and actually slept through the nite. this morning more butt pee - light brown in color and what looks like parts of my meals. yesterday i ate very little and very light to see if that would make a difference. i don't think it did much. on top of that i wake up with a sore throught, my allergies killing me and a bad headache. die off? i hope so.

i am getting out something odd tho...they look like short tubes, some of em hard as plastic and some like an apple piece, altho 1/4 of an inch and tube like. i 'm thinking this might be parasites again....but no plaque.

i've done bowel cleanses for the past 2 yrs, so by now i would think that things have been stirred up and ready to release? or maybe i'm clean?


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