Quick cleansing history and first day on Oxy by Ocean .....

Quick cleansing history and first day on Oxy

Date:   3/9/2005 11:20:50 AM ( 17 y ago)

So after 2 yrs of cleansing i've decided to try the wonderful and so talked about oxy-powder. after awaiting for 12 days it's arrival from the us (i'm in canada) i took my first dose last nite...but first a little bit of history.

i started cleansing 2 yrs ago; bowel, parasite and liver. all the cleanses except for the intestinal ones have been incredibly successfull. the colon clease i've had trouble with....altho i've stared cleansing when i've been regular. i tried the p/b shakes and altho i've gotten pretty good results in the beginning, towards the end, last 6 months, they've done nothing but back me up (to the point where the psyllium did not come out of me at all) and caused me to gain about 10 lb. to make matters worse this allergy season has been the worst....definately time for a new cleanse.

so, here i am, day one of op. i just had a huge bm. last nite i took 3 caps and was very scared for some reason. so much fear and a very unrestful sleep, i've awaken many times feeling like i needed to go but was too tired for my legs to take to the potty.

this morning i've been incredibly emotional. i know the two are related. i'm also very relieved that i don't have to run to the toiled every few seconds like i've read about. i am also wondering if somehow i can do this cleanse during the day rather then nite so i can actually sleep. anyone know?

as i write all this i feel odd to be posting a poo blog. but hey why not! i should be used to it by now?


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