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My thoughts and comments on fasting as a whole, and waht relevations I come up with through prayer.

Date:   3/8/2005 12:43:16 PM ( 16 y ago)

Background Information:

I am an 18 year old college student who is enrolled in a community college. I hope to fast for a total of forty days and nights just like my savior Jesus Christ. I am hoping that once done with this fast I can actually call myself a true Christian, and not a seeker like I feel I am now. I have given my heart to Jesus but for some reason I really canít feel the difference at all from my past problems that occur. I hope to fast and study the bible in meditation and prayer learning all there is to know and all their will ever be to know from that most holy of books. I also hope that during this time God fills my heart with initiative. I really feel I have no initiative and have let tons of things slip by me with no second look, glance, or attempt. This has led me to a key problem in my life my depression which looming over my shoulder has threatened my very existence over what I am and what I could become. I guess I realized that I needed to fast one day while eating at my place of employment. Looking down I realized that several animals had died just to get me this little plate of food that would provide me with just a simple snack during my 16 hour shift. This disgusted me and has really made me limit my eat consumption down to basically nothing. I hope to even lower it further throughout the coming days and years after this fast.
Journal Format:
For every journal minus this one I am going to put it in this format:
Dayís Insights
Biblical Themes Studied
Physical Health Outpoint
Life Outside of Fasting and Bible Studying
Why Write a Cure Zone Web Log or Blog while you fast!
I really feel that this is the key to what I am doing, if I have a Blog and type in it faithfully every day, minus maybe Saturdays because that is my big 16 hour shift at work, I feel that I will continue this fast unless some medical emergency comes up. I really would like to Fast for a prolonged time, my longest has been two and a half days.
Well I have to get to class but hopefully this gives some insight into me and hopefully this gives me some insight into you, any comments and questions on my philosophies are Encouraged

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