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And so I guess Daisy4, and Wrenn, and Lapis and one other that has slipped my mind, and nooo thorn doesn't have a blog under that name, think I have written in such a manner on their blogs? And Thorn who doesn't have a blogso it must be freeform driveling or he feels he is needing attention..or exercising punishment?

Date:   1/17/2006 5:27:34 AM ( 15 y ago)

Here is a consumpive journal of Thorn yogaPath~

Apparently Thorn had some issue with being homosexual rapes committed by whom and where-well we never quite pinned that down

Please feel free and read the WHOLE exchange:

That is if it hasn't been hidden ...again...OR Locked



You said you thought his claim was silly as if no such thing can accur! If that is what you say then I stand behind what I said! And why do you think I post in any other name???? I have nothing to hide! As you might have noticed I am not trying to establish authority nor am I in any kind of popularity contest ! I speak what I consider truth and call out those who dont, plain and simple! Level on the level !
I know many here use many aliases and I know who most of them are , as if they can hide their true personalties! ahem! Mr Rogers! lol! One guy here we all know and love because of his oh so benevolence has 7 or 8 aliases! lol! If you can read people its easy to see! Now tell me who you think I am , cause if someone is imitating me well enough to fool people I'd like to know who it is!

well I was gonna let it drop but do you think male on male rape is funny? or something to diminish , many men have had to deal with this held inside them to the point of suicide,from fear of just that response i think many think this is a joke or something but if you had a clue about the real world you wouldnt! the old double standard again! Those who act so wordly are children in their tiny little worlds!

So from the bitterness of your tone I have to ask, are you part of this cult??
If you are I really fell sorry for you and things are starting to make sense now , quess I will leave you to your problems ,sorry I brought this on you!

Why would you defend a rapist?? I mean whats the deal if this guy is dangerous why defend him? I think the guy in the pic looks fine ,why dont you post a pic of the guru accused, we can compare??

It's all here:


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