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Healing with kundalini energy-holding the space and healing

Date:   1/2/2006 10:41:17 AM ( 15 y ago)

When connecting with a personís consciousness there is a field created. This is a specific state of consciousness, a state of mind, and a field of awareness. Sat Nam Rasayan is that space of extended sensitivity.

This system of healing is very old. It is very simple and it is very effective.

The skills of Sat Nam Rasayan are learned in a tradition of sacred contemplation.The tradition was passed on from teacher to student, one by one, for centuries in total silence.

The journey into the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan is a journey into sensitive awareness. It is an exploration into the spaces of expanded consciousness that create permanent expansion of the capacity of the self to hold a space of compassion.

The basic concept is that a consciousness can affect a consciousness. And consciousness can effect everything.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing system of allowing, without pushing. It is an expansion of awareness, more like an event of profound realization. It is a system of experience rather than belief or dogma. It is ego-less: Any viewpoint is limiting and, by nature, distorts the experience.

Sat Nam Rasayan heals because the electromagnetic field created by one person, with a clear intention, can affect another.

This effect takes place in the electromagnetic field of the nervous system.

Consider thisÖ

You are suddenly in the presence of another person who is very agitated, gasping for breath, shaking and trembling. Can you feel the agitation? Yes, the more you feel the pattern of agitation, the more you can become agitated, and the agitation can amplify in the other person.

In the same way, the agitated person feels your calmness. You feel it in your wiring, your core nervous system. The calmer you become, the calmer the other person can become.

Sensitivity and stability are the keystones to Sat Nam Rasayan.


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