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The Correct Way of Interpreting Food

Date:   2/27/2005 1:52:07 AM ( 16 y ago)

I wanted to talk about how the general consensus in our society is that we should all be intently focused on the way a piece of food tastes. You see all kinds of ads like "melts in your mouth," "silky smooth yogurt," etc. etc.

If you are new to Curezone, then the first thing you need to do is forget everything that you think you know about food entirely. This includes the food that you like, food you think is healthy for you, etc.!

There exists a different kind of mentality when it comes to eating- the idea that people should completely forget about the way food tastes: because it has no bearing on reality.

If you think about it, that is a very profound statement. The messages that are sent to your brain from your tastebuds are not part of reality.

You need to FORGET about the way food tastes. Instead of trying to find food that tastes good, you should be seeking out food that tastes NEUTRAL, like vegetables!!!!!!

The way food tastes is irrelevant to the way it makes you feel inside. There are certain foods that are good for you, but your body does not always need those foods. There are certain time periods when your body requires protein, other times it may require nutrients from cauliflower, or whatever. After you have found out what foods your body is able to tolerate, you need to become skilled at listening to your body's needs and feeding your system the things it requires at the correct times.

It is similar to this: you get a headache, what do you do? Take an asprin. Your body gives you signals for what it needs. You can also feel a difference in yourself after you've eaten something beneficial that your body required at a certain point in time. For example if you just ate some red meat you would be very acidic, so you need to drink lemon juice so your body can neutralize the acid.

Once you start developing this skill, your body's needs will become like second nature to you. You'll learn more about yourself the more you put this into practice.


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