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"The Law of Attraction is like a magnetic dance of cause and effect and can be used intentionally to create a healthier, more abundant life. By learning how to intentionally direct your emotions you can alter the 'tone' of your magnetic attraction and draw to yourself anything you want. "

Date:   6/5/2005 4:38:12 PM ( 16 y ago)

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In the universe, there is an immeasurable, indescribable force which shamans call intent, and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link." – Carlos Castaneda


My grandfather always said, "Be careful of what you want because you will get it." I've contemplated those words since I was a little girl 40 or so years ago and in the course of my life I have seen undeniable evidence that this is true. Once we have a clear and palpable vision of what we want it comes to us easily. It's the knowing what we want part that proves to be the greatest challenge.

In 1990 a friend of mine gave me some audio tapes on the Abraham-Hicks material which outlines 3 universal laws; The Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing. Since then I have heard dozens of other teachers teaching the same principals in different ways. Even the new movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, is saying the same thing. So, as I was beginning to contemplate my 'niche' as a coach from the time I started Coach U I felt that the greatest need out there was to help people get very clear about what they want. The rest was a breeze.

The Law of Attraction is a new spin on a very old observation. Throughout the centuries people have noticed that like attracts like. You get out of it what you put in, cause and effect, poetic justice. What goes up must come down, you are what you think. In Christianity we see it in phrases such as "an eye for an eye", "As you love so shall you be loved", "For it in giving that we receive". In today's quantum physics we know that what we perceive is entirely up to the perceiver. What we experience is completely dependent on the experiencer.

For me, as I've come to understand the Law of Attraction, it's no different than the dream experience. When we dream we see what's alive in us. If we're angry the images in our dreams will reflect our anger; we fight with imaginary people and situations. When we are joyful and calm our dreams will reflect images of loving relationships and happy places. And when we are confident and fearless we can fly.

If we have a fight with someone in our dream, who is to blame really? Is it the person we're fighting with in our dream or is it our own self we're fighting with? The answer is clear. We create the dream ourselves and we are responsible for everything we experience in it. Quantum theory shows us that our waking life is the same and we can use our understanding of this to affect the Deliberate Creation of our life.

The Law of Attraction, simply put, states that an emotion, whether it's as mild as a subtle malaise or as dramatic as a flying rage of anger, all emotion is magnetic energy. If you have thoughts that cause you to be angry the magnetic pull of that anger will draw in more angry thoughts and if you continue on the same track it will build upon itself. You'll find yourself attracting angry people, things happen to you that seem to justify your anger, your life can eventually become a downward spiral with the force of a rip tide pulling you out to sea. Fortunately most of us, whether consciously or not, will make the effort to turn things around and adjust our thinking. We may decide to go for a run, contact old friends that make us smile, change jobs, move, meditate or seek counseling.

When the goings are tough, turning something around can be a real challenge especially when you don't understand the Law of Attraction. For many of us the pity-pot is our favorite place to sit but once you realize that as we focus on what we don't want we are attracting more of what we don't want. If we focus on what is we get more of what is. So, if you understand the Law of Attraction and if you're not doing anything at all to gradually shift your emotional magnet than one has to assume that that's where you're consciously choosing to be because it's serving you in some way.

The Law of Attraction is like a magnetic dance of cause and effect and can be used intentionally to create a healthier, more abundant life. By learning how to intentionally direct your emotions you can alter the 'tone' of your magnetic attraction and draw to yourself anything you want. When someone is using the Law of Attraction to intentionally improve their life we call it Deliberate (or Intentional) Creation.

By having and holding a vision with joyful, expectant intention and an 'emotional' knowing that it is possible then it will certainly be so. Like casting a net out to the universe with an intention 'signature' on it you catch exactly what your net is designed for. The more expectant emotion we put behind it the faster it will come around and manifest in our life; a new car, house, relationship, job, idea, skill, etc. To fully develop this skill you can have or do or be absolutely anything you want. It's a skill that can certainly be developed however, as we quickly find out the only things standing in the way are our fears and our doubts.

Doubt works against Deliberate Creation. Doubt blocks the way. "Had ye the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains." But how do we just suddenly 'know' that we can move a mountain or walk on water? If we've never seen any evidence of such a thing we are hard pressed to believe it's really possible. If we don't see people flying around would it be wise for us to just think "I can, I can" and then jump out a window? Probably not. Doubt is so ingrained into our psyche that it's next to impossible to just suddenly be rid of it all at once. Most of our limitations are part of what we appear to have been born with; gravity, bodies that turn glucose into fat and energy, brains that forget things, parents and teachers who tell us what we can and can't do about this or that; who tell us what's right and wrong, what's possible or impossible and all the scientific reasons why it is so, friends who share their miseries and celebrations and expect us to do the same whatever that means. In fact it seems we were poured into such a tight mold that getting outside the box seems to be quite daunting if not impossible.

We say things like, "I'm like this because my father did this to me." "I'm like that because my body is like this." "I can't do that because I only have this." We have millions of reasons why we are the way we are and why it can't change without a lot of hard work and therapy. Why is it so? It is so because 99.9% of the world's population has agreed to believe it all to be so. The collective consciousness of all beings throughout all of history has made it so. We, as creators, have envisioned and believed it all into existence since the beginning. We are sharing a collective dream and it works! We've created an amazing universe with lots of limitations to play around with; to "succeed" and to "fail" and now with Quantum physics and spiritual studies coming together we are finally realizing that not only have we created all this but we can change it through our intention to change it.

So, how does one let go of doubt? It doesn't usually happen over night although for many people it has. For most of us we seem to have built into our collective consciousness a kind of agreement that makes spiritual growth just that, growth; starting small and growing. It takes an unwavering intention to practice Deliberate Creation. It takes an unquenchable curiosity and relentless desire like a moth to a flame.

How do you begin letting go of doubt? Start small. For example set your intention to have a close and convenient parking place the next time you go shopping. If that doesn't work right away start smaller; maybe a feather on the ground or anything that you can envision and feel where no doubt is clouding it.

Once you have an experience, no matter how small, that causes you to say, "Wow! It Works!" then you write it down in an Evidence Journal. As you start collecting evidence in your Evidence Journal you can begin using your this journal to remind yourself again and again that this is working. Slowly you'll be able to use it with bigger intentions and you'll push the edge of your doubt to the next level; like a weight trainer starting with 2 lb. weights and slowly building up to 10 lb. weights and more. Believe it and you will see it. Your doubts will grow less and less. But watch out for the other blocks in the road; fear and greed.

Fear and greed block and/or alter the flow of attraction. We are often afraid of who we would be if we had the power of the universe at our beckon call. Most of us, if given three wishes would not ask for the power of the universe. We'd ask for 'just enough' to make our lives happy; to travel, pay off all our debts, have a great job, get our kids through college, feel healthy and have a lovely garden. The power of the universe feels too big and so we self-limit ourselves. And that's fine. If we all wanted to change the course of the stars who knows what would happen.

We may fear having great wealth because we're afraid we would spoil our children rotten. We wouldn't have "good" boundaries about how much to give. Who would our friends really be? Maybe we would feel like we 'have to' take care of everyone. Maybe I wouldn't know where I belong or who I should be with. All these fears instill self-limitations and this is not such a bad thing. For most of us, belonging is one of our greatest human desires and if all our possessions and abilities suddenly changed we could face having to redefine ourselves and our relationships just as suddenly. And so, we most often prefer to go slow. We grow little by little. Slowly make new friends, slowly redefine our relationships in our family, work and society.

There is a caution here about fear. If you have a fear about something in particular which you experience as a strong emotional expectation you will likely attract to yourself that which you fear. It is the Law of Attraction at work. If you say with fearful anticipation to yourself day after day "I don't want to lose my job", watch out. If you have great fears about cancer and you're always looking for it and expecting it, you will begin to find evidence of it.

Greed is another hindrance to Deliberate Creation. Greed blocks the flow of attraction. Deliberate Creation is a true spiritual practice of non-material attachment. It is the practice of letting go of greed because in an abundant universe everything is yours and with everything you create you must be willing to watch it change and fall away as all things do. So, the question becomes this: Can you walk into your apartment and see everything destroyed or stolen and remain open and inspired about what you can create next or will you find yourself in agony at the loss of all your possessions? The first response is that of abundance consciousness and confidence as a creator. The second response is that of greed and attachment. If you are attached and greedy you will not be able to easily recreate your life with joy and inspiration. Instead you will suffer.

So the only way to truly exercise Deliberate Creation is to have a playful and creative dance with the universe. And when we manifest something and it falls apart, rather than clinging and feeling miserable, we are filled with inspiration because more room has just been made to create something new. This is a spiritual practice of letting go, opening, playing and dancing on the edge of our dreams.

Finally, it is our challenge to consider that perhaps we really are made in the image of God the Creator. Perhaps we are only just now waking up to what this means.


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