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"When you find your own song, your own essence and live it, everyone and everything around you that is in harmony will resonate with you."

Date:   5/28/2005 6:28:23 PM ( 16 y ago)

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Essence of Things

Everything in the universe has an essence, a vibrational rate, a frequency. We call it a song. So everything has itís own song. Things with similar vibrational rates will resonate strongly with each other. For example, if you hold your hand on the top of a guitar and then sing, you can feel the wood and strings resonate with your voice.

When you find your own song, your own essence and live it, everyone and everything around you that is in harmony will resonate with you. Your song will be amplified. Over time, your essence will attract other people, beings, and things of similar essence. Youíve heard the saying, "Do what you love, the money will follow." Resonance opens doors and pathways that appear magical.

If thereís something you need in your life, find its essence and resonate to it. You will attract it to you. How do you resonate to it? Use your rich and colorful imagination. How does it feel with this change in your life? Use all the physical senses ó smell, taste, touch, hear, see. If itís an object, go make it real... touch it... smell it... taste it... listen to it... look at it in detail.

However, be careful what you ask for... you just might get it. And if it doesnít naturally resonate to your own true song, youíll find that it doesnít make you happy.

Depending on how many other peopleís songs youíve learned, you may have to look awhile to uncover your true song. You can have a great time looking though. Experiment, try different things, even different careers or jobs, and places! Remove your mental boundaries and go exploring! Enjoy the adventure and search for your song.

Places have essences and songs too. Ever been somewhere that just doesnít feel right... makes your body feel like its somehow threatened? You can be sure that this place is not in harmony with your bodyís song. Then thereís the land and place that your are drawn too, that feels secure and safe, that feels like youíre home. If you havenít found this place yet, keep looking. Youíll find it.

Try visiting and living in different places. I lived in many, many different places and never felt like I was home. I kept getting closer. Then I visited Hawaii and I knew I was home. And here I found my lifeís purpose and mission. Amazing what a little harmony and resonance can do.



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