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Having a very difficult time with my ability to speak and think clearly. Still, I remain interested in the esoteric and astrological events taking place in our world. Below is a summary of current astrological events.

Date:   3/29/2023 2:30:29 AM ( 6 mon ago)

"On Thursday, March 23, 2023, after 14 years in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), Pluto the planet of transformation...left the 10th sign of the Zodiac (Capricorn) and entered the 11th, that of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus). Never again in this lifetime will we as the present humanity experience so many years of Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Because it takes Pluto 14 to 19 years to move through a sign (constellation). It takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete one orbit around the Sun.

For the past 14 years, since January 27, 2008, Pluto and Saturn (fiscal, material transformations, corruption and misuse of power) have ruled the world. It has been a heavy burden for humanity. As Pluto leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, we move from the element of earth, to the element of air--a much lighter reality!

Forward thinking in revolutionary Aquarius, Pluto will alter the landscape of our thoughts, technologies, and how we create our future. Aquarius is about humanity working in group cooperation, forming communities, adapting to a new self-identity--that of World Server. This occurs over the next 19.5 years (till March 9, 2043).

As Pluto enters Aquarius (sign of the Water Bearer, the "waters of life for thirsty humanity"), the celestial energies shift from Pluto/Saturn (materiality) to Pluto/Uranus (all thing revelatory, unexpected, surprising and new). Relieved of our heavy burden (Capricorn) we sense the promise of freedom (Aquarius) in the air. It is a freedom which we must now fight for and thus illustrate that we are worthy of that freedom. It's a whole new world now."

--From "Esoteric Astrology as News for the week" of March 22-28, 2023 by Risa, founder and director of the Esoteric And Astrological Studies & Research Institute in Santa Cruz.

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