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Our Passage Through "The Circuit of Wisdom"

Date:   2/8/2023 5:55:13 AM ( 4 mon ago)

February 7, 2023 - "The Structure of How We Relate" -

"While the general idea is that 2027 heralds a new era of the individual and a breakdown of our existing communal culture, it’s really more about shifting HOW we experience our individuality. This is a shift in the fractal arrangement of humanity, the structure of how we relate."[1]

And: "We have outgrown patriarchy. -

What comes next necessarily arises from the collective emotional field of humanity. We are moving into a global distributed network where consciousness moves between hubs of close-knit humans ‘being’ in collaboration. This network isn’t based on race or gender or neurotypical thinking. It’s the opposite of obedience, but doesn’t need rebellion because there is no centralized authority to rebel against. You are free to do your own thing."[1]


[1] https://www.loveyourdesign.com/neptune-in-gate-36/


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