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Date:   8/11/2022 6:02:22 AM ( 4 mon ago)

October 24, 2022 - Dialogue is this blog-writer's foundation for community-building. All other forms of any so-called "communication" that are without dialogue potentially leave "the door to psychopathy" open and will be regarded as such by this blog-writer from this moment forward.

August 11, 2022 -

M. Scott Peck, author of "A Different Drum" discovered four quintessential stages to authentic community with each of these based on the way we communicate with one another. Community-building communication is not generally taught in our pubic school systems and consequentially we suffer for the lack of authentic community in our lives on every level, interpersonal and collectively. However when the reality of this is finally realized it can provide the impetus for personal transformation.

In 1980/81 this blog-writer published a first issue of Transformations with a cover graphic of a butterfly in a circle that included a worm at the base of the design. Another image could be that of the dragonfly that goes through three distinct stages of metamorphosis before it finally emerges as what it was designed to be! "Human Beings" can also be transformed! Although they may or may not begin their transformational process like "worms" nevertheless a lot can be learned from the lowly worm. Charles Darwin gave much credence to the worm calling it man's best friend.

My fellow "enchanted gardener" Ken Small says: "Worms have the transformational bottom line covered perfectly." If you don't immediately understand the truth of this you might consider composting by starting to compost your kitchen scraps and especially with the addition of some composting worms. In a matter of days they will demonstrate the truth of this "bottom line" for you!


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