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15 Most Unexpectedly Amazing Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner

Date:   9/13/2021 4:05:41 AM ( 77 d ago)

15 Most Unexpectedly Amazing Uses for Your Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are one of the essential tools you can get for your home and not just for its excellent cleaning performance on your carpets.  Top rated vacuum cleaners can also become helpful in various situations. In this article, TheKingLive will discover some of the unknown, surprising uses for this cleaning device, some of which you might not have thought about before.

  1. Clean up outdoor umbrellas

You may know to wipe down your outdoor furniture before you store it away for the cold winter and take it out for spring backyard barbecues. Still, outdoor umbrellas may be neglected, particularly their inside surface. Bugs, dirt, and moisture can get captured inside and discolor the fabric, rust the umbrella’s metal mechanisms, and allow mildew to grow. It’s not what you want to find in the spring when you open it up.

Vacuum or brush debris away before you use laundry detergent and warm water to wash the umbrella. Handle stains or mildew by adding a little bleach. Let it dry thoroughly before putting it away.

  1. Remove fleas

According to studies, getting rid of these small wingless jumping insects with a vacuum is as effective as using harsh chemicals. To be more specific, researchers placed 100 adult fleas from pets (dogs, cats, etc.) in a woven kitchen carpet. Cleaning the carpet with a vacuum worked to remove 96% of the fleas on average. They achieved a 100% successful result from the experiment when they tried this on insects in the pupae and larvae stages.

  1. Pick up crumbs

Use the crevice tool of your cleaner to whisk away difficult-to-reach bits that are wedged under your stove’s grates or into the edges of the fridge door’s shelves. As soon as you finish the dirty work, clean as usual with disinfectant.

  1. Find small items

Feeling frustrated as you lose track of something little that you drop onto the carpet?  Using carpet cleaners, etc. is the perfect solution to such situations!

Pull one leg of a pair of pantyhose or stocking over your vacuum cleaner attachment. Next, turn on the device and go over the carpet area where you dropped the item. Your machine will suck it up, and the stocking fabric will hold the piece in place so you can grab hold of it.

  1. Correct carpet indentations

There is an easy way to fix indentations in the carpet which heavy furniture left behind. Put a cube of ice in the indentation and let it melt completelyThe water will help fluff your carpet fibers again. Let the carpet dry for some time. After that, eliminate any indentation trace by vacuuming the area.

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  1. Get rid of uninviting smells from cushions

Try a little baking soda to absorb odors from your cushions and other plush items that are difficult to clean using the washing machine. These items can be carpets, pillows, mattresses, etc. Scatter the baking soda over the spot you want to clean. Allow it to sit for 30 minutes or so, and then vacuum it away, which will remove dirt, odor s, and dust.

  1. Freshen your breathing air

Clean the carpets and keep your air fresh at the same time by using a vacuum. Any type will work, whether it’s a cheap vacuum cleaner or a pricey one! Pour a few drops of your favorite oil (lemon essential oil, etc.) onto a cotton ball before you begin vacuuming. Put the cotton ball in the dust cup of your cleaner and vacuum as usual.

The airflow through your cleaning machine works well to disperse the essential oil’s scent and make the air fresh.

  1. Fight allergy symptoms

If you’re suffering from a seasonal allergy while you’re inside, the unwanted chances are, pollen has invaded the indoor living area.

Use your vacuum to get rid of any pollen, dust, and other allergens from window sills, screens, and tracks. Also, you should eliminate dust from A/C units, fans, radiators, and heating vents using the dusting attachment of the cleaner.

  1. Clear the lint filter of your washing machine

You can clean the lint screen of the washing machine with your vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. Take it one step further by attaching the crevice tool of the vacuum to pull lint remainders from the lint cavity of the appliance.

  1. Dust your lampshades

Using a feather duster to run over the lampshades once in a while may not be sufficient to catch grime sinking into the surface. Instead, rely on a sticky lint roller. Or, use an upholstery brush attachment to vacuum it. If there are stains on the fabric lampshade, soak it in a mixture of dishwashing or laundry detergent and soapy water. Scrub the lampshade clean before rinsing and drying.

  1. Avoid a fire

Dryer fires occur all the time; a lot of them are a consequence of lint buildup. Take the lint trap out of the dryer. Next, vacuum the lint from down inside the vent by using the crevice tool. Do this several times per year to decrease your risk of fire.

  1. Clean your kitchen appliances

Want to keep your fridge in top shape? Then be sure you clean up not just the inside but the outside too. Built-up lint and dust on the difficult-to-reach back side condenser coils are likely to make it overheat, thus shutting down the appliance. To get rid of the buildup, pull the fridge a few feet away from the wall. Then vacuum the coils thoroughly. Finish your work by cleaning the floor area with the vacuum and pushing the refrigerator back to its spot.

  1. Give your crumby keyboard a cleanup

To clean the computer keyboard thoroughly, dislodge loose crumbs by flipping it upside down. Attach the crevice tool of your cleaner and vacuum it gently to lift any crumb remainders. Dip a swab of cotton in rubbing alcohol. Then brush it in the area that surrounds each key. For especially dirty spots, try using a toothpick. Use a lint-free, dry cloth to get rid of dust and make the keys shiny.

  1. Deodorize just about everything

You can remove unpleasant odors from almost anything easily and quickly with cat litter, a trash bag, and your vacuum cleaner. Put the bad smelling item into a trash bag. Then add some cat litter to the bag before tying it off.

Let it sit for several hours or as long as a few days. After that, remove and vacuum the item thoroughly to get rid of any dust or litter. Consider that chore done!

  1. Groom the pet

Do you love your dog to bits? We’re sure they have a pleasant time with you, too. They will love you even more if you vacuum their coats. It’s probably similar to the feeling of a satisfying scratch. As an added benefit, vacuuming works to remove loose fur.

You may consider trying this tip only if your dog isn’t terrified of the vacuum cleaner.

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Last words

Now that you have reached the end of the list, you will likely agree that household vacuum cleaners are more helpful than just keeping your carpets clean.

Do you have any other favorite uncommon use for your vacuum? We’re eager to hear from you!


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