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Having stood many " Watchs " on 4 different Navy ships, I learned the way to perform a major of life's lessons! Where both knowledge and performance are need to carry out the assigned task or duty!

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The proper chain of command is a necessary format for US Navy Shipboard operation. Much of our life needs some form or structure to maintain proper control and maintenance!

This system offers some form of structure and proper execution of the desired operations. Thus the system used has a very critical structure for proper operation.

Each duty section in the Navy is covered by some form of Naval Watch procedure. Even in basic training we stood duty watches and were responsible to maintain and help control the duties assigned on each watch section! These ranged from simple fire and security watches to being posted in an office overseeing communication and other necessary orders!

I stood " Watches " on most all duty sections! Such as Security,details [both on ship or shore locations,}and as needed for some isolated assignments! This included both in the US and overseas!

Usually under way watches were 4 hour periods running from Mid-nite or 24 hundred hours to when ever - around the clock with rotation as assignments needed!

The usual format was to approach the on duty person at 15 minutes before the proper Watch time to release them; Then with the normal command : " I Assume the watch are there with any special instructions? "
** You are now responsible for the immediate circumstances! Be it good or otherwise!

Then once you were relieved by the on coning watch stander, who should relieve you would command "I stand Relieved! - you now assume the watch!"

** Upon no circumstances are you to just leave without proper command instructions!

It led to a good orderly way to know, who was and or when the proper people were being responsible to assume the "Watch!" duty!

It works well and is very effective

" I stand Relieved - You now have the Watch! "!


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