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It's pretty safe to say that any business that wants to not only expand, but survive, must have a good E-commerce strategy.

In the world of the new normal, in which physical contact is increasingly scarce, your ecommerce stands as the protagonist
Advantages of e-commerce

Ecommerce has been around for almost 30 years, however, its potential has expanded to a reality that sales of 4.2 billion dollars in 2020 and those numbers are still growing in 2021.
And since we know that your business wants to spearhead what is to come, we want to share with you these trends that should be on your radar.

1. Omnichannel strategy for online sales

Although this is not a novelty, there are those who still do not integrate all their channels to have a connection with customers and inadvertently they could be missing some opportunities. Why is omnichannel an advantage for your marketing strategy? The answer is quite simple: it means taking advantage of every possible way for the consumer to take advantage of a product or service.
Marketing specialists must understand the behavior of the buyer and adapt the strategy so that the brand has a clear communication with the consumer and generates loyalty; which, it should be noted, is also measurable through analytics platforms.

2. Marketplace or ecommerce platform?

Let's first talk about the difference between a marketplace and an ecommerce: the first is a space managed by another marketer that works as an intermediary, and the second is linked to a domain and depends 100% on the commerce.
If your business already has a good presence in one or the other, evaluate if it is having the necessary scope; If not, you could expand the business model to have better control of what happens or bet on scalability.
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3. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality

If artificial intelligence (AI) has not reached your store, you are missing a wonder to optimize resources and take advantage of the data that your consumers share.
One of the great advantages of integrating AI is that it streamlines the user experience according to their consumption patterns, so the journey to buy with you becomes simple and personalized. In addition, it works 24/7 and this is a relief for everything related to customer service.
A similar issue happens with augmented reality, which has grown considerably during the new normal to recreate the shopping experience in a physical store - something we all miss regardless of our level of consumption.
Engagement becomes very important with the adoption of augmented reality in a store because it is a playful activity and almost alive from a shopping experience.

4. Live stream commerce

It seems for quite some time that the combo of ecommerce and social networks is impossible to separate if the bet is to have a solid marketing strategy. Live broadcasts, Attractive powerful ads with fancy text generator, collaborations with influencers are a powerful way to grow if your concern is figuring out how to increase sales.
And just as we dreamed of in the past, the live stream commerce allows us to see on the screen the option of adding the product to a cart and this in real time. In other words, what seemed like the future is now reality and surely a norm in a very short time.
5. Impeccable logistics
In this age, a failure in distribution or delivery is almost inexcusable on the part of a consumer. Management, logistics and operation are the most important parts of the shopping experience.
Is there a unique way to achieve it? Not really, but it is crucial that the response time is fast in all possible areas, from the online response to the speed of delivery.
The customer experience improves substantially when there is flexibility to change addresses, dates, schedules, plans and forms of payment , and everything that makes it easier for a product to reach the buyer's hands.


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