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Many of the young People today say that they are " BORED " - But I reply " No you are Lazy! "because there is too much to do in life!

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How does it work - in life?

**With Many People with the recent 2020 election here in the USA were running off at the mouth with total disregard for the truth and purpose of our elected offices! Now there seems to be some fast and disturbing background stuff! This has led to much of the misleading dominating results of today!

Date: 10/12/2020
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Gee, with all the background noise about so many People complaining about how hard they have it - there is no room for positive constructive reasoning!

Looking back from what I saw and know about the past 50 years is - many people today are stuck on themselves! They seem to want is MORE and More stuff given to them just because they were breathing!

Actually this is a total bust, for those whom I knew because growing up down Dixie way.
Coming from a broken family, plus being poor and in the " we had to work for our living as a group of citizens " but I was special to have learned the work ethic!

Started to work part time @ 50 cents an hour - The minimum wages was $1.25 per hr.

We did not have a car or a TV until my Mother remarried when I was 13, but I have had a paying job over the years. This is not a " Poor Boy " story, just laying out the facts, and saying we got by without Government Help!

What I grew up learning how work and learned personal efforts lead to success. My earned salary rose from a few hundred dollars a years to well over $100,000 a year {60 years later}.

BTW: did not play the lottery, gamble or steal, or get into any other " Get Rich Quick " schemes! Just adjusted my attitude and worked for 60 years!

Many of the young people today say that they are " BORED " - But I reply " No you are Lazy! "because there is too much to do in life! If you really want to have any positive results go to my Blog:
My Unusual Road of Life....
by kerminator

Conceive it in your mind - 2

Then if and when you allow the Word of Almighty God to paint a word picture in your mind and imagination. Then just maybe you will have it to guide you in place of all the natural things which we see each day in your life!

Date: 7/14/2021

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Absolute Truth Some Wisdom and Intercourse....
by Kerminator

Conceive it in your mind -

*** unless you can come to see the word pictures in your mind where the Word of God can direct changes in you thru your imagination - things will never be much better in your life! ***

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" Truly I say to you, those who actually believe in me, and the works I have done; shall also do them and even greater works than I have done, shall they do; because I go unto the Father! " John 14:12

God desires that we come to preform many great works as Jesus did - in our lives today!

Yet even though we were shown and given the ability to do such thru our Faith and Belief - most people do not!


Because most people do not let their imagination ever come to understand this Blessed Principle in their lives.. Your imagination is where the conception takes place!

Most people never get the word picture of this in their mind - because they only relay upon the physical world to direct them. But if you allow the Word of Almighty God to paint a word picture in your imagination then you will have it to guide you in place of all the natural things which we see each day! If you can not see it on the inside of you through your imagination then you will never be able to see it in the natural world around you!

Perhaps you have never seen people healed and/or saved thru the Grace of God - yet if you ever start to mediate, you can come to conceive it in your mind! Then you will start seeing it in your mind and it will forever change the way you relate with both God and the people whom you meet upon your pathway of life!

This is a game-changer and a point where you will come to see and meet the power of God in your existence - then
you will never be the same again!

You will start seeing the eternal universe of God at work in your life now!

It is easy to just sit back complying and then blame others for your short comings!

If you are still not really doing anything constructive - stop and read many of my blogs on CUREZONE.net, upon how to over come many of life's problems! Only a fool will say they can not get a job - which is a false statement, if they really get busy and search high and low!

I spent a good part of my life over coming troubles and rising above the difficulties that were before me! This is what each of us should be doing! Not looking for a hand out!!

** You can also if you stop complaining and look for the real solutions in your life! Learn how to use your God Given Intelligence - no matter your race, or background! There is an honest way if your really seek it!

I did! Less government is best government... Learn how to build a proper life by following the truth of God in your existence!



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