CALI THE DESTROYER Is Now Available! by luckman .....

Hot off the Press: CALI THE DESTROYER, Finalist in Both the New Age and Visionary Fiction Categories of the 2021 Int'l Book Awards, Is Finally Available!

Date:   6/20/2021 5:32:49 PM ( 14 mon ago)

Best friends? Check. Illegal lovers? Check. Mythological entities? Check.

Cali and Juice aren’t discovering love; they’re discovering they’ve always been in love—since the dawn of creation.

In  this page-turner of a sci-fi tale set in an Orwellian future seeded in  the dystopian present, resistance to the Archons appears futile … that  is, until the Goddess and her consort spectacularly reappear straight  out of ancient Gnosticism to take on the control matrix of the Fatherland.

Will the Luminous Child awaken in humanity before it’s too late?



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