Got Happiness? by Chef JeM .....

"So many people endlessly complain that they lack this, that someone owes them that, that no one loves them or thinks of them, that others are ill intentioned ..."

Date:   6/18/2021 8:19:30 AM ( 3 mon ago)

June 18, 2021 "In order to be happy, you must become a servant.":

How one serves and how one can serve best are to be determined by each individual. Knowing your Human Design can certainly support this discovery process. Personalized complimentary discovery sessions are offered in San Diego.

This blog writer was inspired to post this item at this one particular Blog (of the dozen and a half CureZone Blogs he has) shortly after having a conversation at the "Enchanted Garden Onion" that related to this subect matter of happiness.


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